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Warning given by fiverr

edited:the problem is solved, i got the first warning…
thankyou everyone

Hello all,

Recently, someone logged into my fiverr acount and then talked with the clients about the paypal account. they messaged the buyer that he should pay the amount on paypal for next order.

just now, i opened the id and i got this message on the buyer’s conversation page:
“Your message was flagged for review by our Trust and Safety team,
due to possible Terms of Service violation. This process may take up to 24 hours.
In the meantime, your message is not visible to buyerName . Your patience is appreciated.”

i havent been flagged previously, will my id get suspended for this flag?

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keep your Fiverr account very personal to you. it’s strange someone log in to your account. but let fiverr know that and they can verify if your account hacked.

Also Make sure that you will never ask buyers personal contact details or contact or do business outside Fiverr. Everything keep within the Fiverr. I suggest you to read all TOS before moving forward.

in this case sometime you will receive a warning. Not sure exactly. Wait for CS reply. Or let Fiverr CS know about this.

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Why would “someone else” do all this? Your alleged actions seem to be extremely specific. Are you sure that “someone else” wasn’t actually you? Did you share your login information with someone else?


If someone had hacked your account, the first thing they would have done is change your password, stopping you from being able to access your account. Also, any scammer would know that using the word ‘PayPal’ in a message is pointless, as it would get flagged, and never get sent.

Are you sure you didn’t send the message? Keep in mind, Fiverr will be able to see the IP address of all recent logins.