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Warning! Hackers on Fiverr



Just wanted to share my experience and warn the others. I’ve been working on Fiverr for 2 years now and I didn’t have this problem in the past. However, in the last 2 weeks, I received 3 messages from someone who clearly wanted to hack my PC/Account.

They used 2 different methods, let me explain:

  1. He sent me a message in our inbox, trying to explain his needs and attach the file - pretty standard. What was suspicious?
  • Really bad English. I’m not talking about someone who doesn’t know the language and is trying his best or uses a Google translator - it was looking like a ‘fake bad English’.
  • New account, created this month, a few days ago.
  • Size of the file. Considering his needs and the size of the typical.mp4, few KB were just a no.

I’ve downloaded a file (.zip) and scan it with anti-virus. NO VIRUS WAS FOUND. However, it was a .exe file which is something that you definitely don’t need as a video editor. Of course, I didn’t even click on it or unzip the folder. Delete immediately and change my passwords. I immediately reported this to the Fiverr support and they banned the account.

Unfortunately, he contacted me again yesterday or something. Same message, same file - just a different, new account. He got reported and banned within a few hours.


  1. This method is definitely more effective. ‘Buyer’ contacted me and explained that he wants me to create a gig video for him. What was suspicious?
  • Again, new account. Created this month, a few days ago.
  • Decent English but very short sentences, not many details about the project. He didn’t want to describe his need and answer my questions.
  • Fast responses with some guarantees and good looking figures. ‘Budget: 100$’ or ‘I can pay it within next few hours’ etc.

Then instead of explaining his requirements, he just sent me a link to the example video so I can get the idea. Pretty normal thing - that was what I thought in the beginning. It was a ‘Fiverr’ link to someone else profile/gig. After clicking on it, I got to the new card with the information that I was logged out (only on this new card, I was log in within the original inbox and dashboard) and that I need to log-in again to check the gig video.
That’s the moment when I instantly click away and checked how the link looks like:


After looking at it for just 1-2 seconds, you will see that there is no ‘https’ and it’s not a typical Fiverr link - just something similar. The site itself looked exactly like a Fiverr log-in site. I have no doubts that if I would put my login data there, he would steal my account.


Just please be careful and don’t ignore the red flags. Hope that no one will be the victim of those guys. Thank you for checking the post and stay safe!


Usefull post! Thanks for sharing!


There are various attempts like this and many peoples also faced the same issues recently. You can Contact CS and they will further investigate and ban the fake account.


Sure, I already did for all those accounts and they banned them pretty quickly - great to see that. Fiverr support is trying their best. However, if someone falls into that trap - there is no way to escape, tbh. I think it’s worth to inform the community about this type of users and their methods.


Let me correct something. This is not hacking. This is called phishing.

Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

If someone interested to read about, click here. Thanks @czarekpiast for sharing the experience!


Thanks for clearing out! In terms of the method 1 - considering the .exe file, I think that it might be actually hacking. After installing malicious software, he could do probably whatever he wants. Even things like change the voltage of the CPU and burn someone’s PC. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Yeah, That’s correct. I just talked about the fake Fiverr login page link. :blush::ok_hand:


Oh my goodness! I also get similar kinds message 3/4 days ago and the buyer also was not answering my questions.The buyer was new here.I felt he was just waisting my time and blocked him.(after reading your post,I am guessing he could be a hacker also or maybe not.)But whatever,I really didn’t know about hacker’s on fiverr.Thanks
And i also have a question. Will i be suspect about only zip file and new arrival? Or they can send another files also.


No worries - we really need to be careful with our judgments. Strange communication is just a one ‘red flag’ and many buyers are like that. Try to spot different aspects to make sure that the potential buyer might, in fact, be a hacker.
For the attachments, I would say that .exe files (which can be in a .zip folder) are the biggest concern. I’m not an expert so I don’t know if they can hide a virus in .jpg/.png/.mp4 etc, but it’s definitely way less risky to open this type of files.


Many many thanks for this helpful post :+1:


Thanks a lot for sharing…


They created subdomain of maindomain [it is mentioned website in photo] which looks exactly like fiverr and uploaded their malware over fake subdomain that kind of thing happen with some seller because they don’t know what really happening with them. because it is one part of phishing to steal your data.

My advise is use any temporary virtual machine, laptop or desktop for only for communication with users so if your system get hacked then at-least you can secure your system against that.

Second thing use online editor(like google sheet or many-more) to read document which provided by unknown user.

Third thing, Most of hackers target windows users because it is user friendly and they know most of people who belongs with non-technical, background(like graphic artist,content writer, video editor etc) are using windows operating system. so my advice is, use Linux or other operating system in communication device.


Thank you for posting this!


Thanks! Very good tips. I might consider buying separate device.


yeah welcome, that great decision, use another operating system like Linux or enyone else for that device.


Thanks for shearing :slight_smile:


Good catch!

.exe is suspect, be careful with zipped folders (don’t know what’s in it and there’s stuff like zip bombs), and if it’s a file format you don’t recognize, give it a Google to make sure it seems legit.


Thanks so much for sharing about it!


Thanks for sharing with us, It will help to protect.


Thanks a lot for sharing…