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Warning! Hackers on Fiverr


They’ve posted the same thing in the buyer requests section today as a link, but since Fiverr still haven’t added a report option in the buyer requests section, we can’t easily report it to stop people clicking on it.


Thank you a lot for this!!!


You could notify customer support about it.


But if Fiverr would just add a report option for BR it could be done much more easily and quickly. Otherwise I’d have to screenshot it, click through the options to get to get to the help center etc. raise a ticket. upload the screenshot etc. and Fiverr would then have to search for what was shown in the screenshot. A report option would be much easier and faster for both the user and CS to quickly see which request was a hack/phishing attempt.

I suppose another way could be to send an offer then you could go to the seller’s profile and report it but that also doesn’t let CS see easily the exact request that is the problem.


Sorry for happen and for updating us.


Thanks to you For sharing with us


Thanks man :blush: