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Warning in the Fiverr platform


[image removed due to dangerous url displayed - please blur malicious content before posting screenshots]
Hey friends!
Please do not click on strange links!!!
I received the message in my imbox. …
I have also found this!

Claim for free bonus $50 by Fiverr Giveaway Claim program

I wouldn’t have clicked on the link. But I would’ve considered sending a custom $50 offer instead, since they want to deposit it in my Fiverr account, hence no need to click on any link for that.

[details=O/T <<]For some reason, I’ve noticed it takes a few days for popular spam messages to reach my inbox after it’s first noticed by others in the forum. It makes me think I’m not good enough for spammers :smiley: Maybe others are doing better than me, hence the reason they get early access to spam.

Does anyone know how to optimize my “spam exposure” so that I receive it sooner in my inbox and be one of the first ones to report it? :smile: (of course this was a joke, for anyone who took it literally :unamused: )


Don’t click on any mysterious link. They earn money through your clicks or may send you harmful viruses. If you are really interested in 50$ bonus then just send a Custom Offer as @Woofy31 mentioned above.


haha yeah!! you´re right :smiley: :smiley:
omg I have reported it to CSI :cop: or FBI "lol"
the next time I will try it :moneybag::grinning:


yeah! :grinning::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar::dollar:


The profile is gone. Well done!!!