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Warning issues to me

hi recently I contacted Fiverr CS and they said
warning would not be removed
system will eventually remove warning after some time but can not provide exact time frame

my issue was that buyer gave 3.3 stars then I fulfilled his req in inbox then he said how can he change feedback so I told him that contact CS but tomorrow they sent me warning
so I contacted cs and discussed while issue but IAM not getting their point …
any one can help???


You broke the rules… how could anyone from here help ? There’s no need to discuss about reviews with your buyers,they can leave whatever review they want.


So you broke the rules and got a warning. And now you want to have the warning removed?


very worried situation, hope its will recover soon

I did not ask buyer to change feedback
they asked me that how he can change his feedback because I gave him what he needed in inbox because he already had lady bad fedback so he wanted to change so he asked me and I did go to cs

very worried situation, hope its will recover soon

I just want to know
what is meaning of that what they said me
system will eventually remove warning

system will eventually remove the warning
what is that ???

yes and you told him to contact CS about it… you could’ve said that it’s against the tos to change a review.

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