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Warning? I've seen something strange in my inbox


Hi all!

I’ve seen something strange in my inbox the last three days!
Three buyers sent me the same message with an attachment which contain
an .Exe file and a Word file with requierements… the requirements are very rare and dangerous!!

the guy told me: “Hi! I want order you servc.
I want to do this quickly.
PLS get job.
tomorrow will be ready?”

also the last guys sent me the same message with the .exe file and Word document?

I have not opened the exe file but I think that is a virus???
Has the same thing happened to you???


Don’t open any .exe file nor the word file.

This is possibly a virus. No reason to send an .exe file.

Send this message to customer support and let them deal with it.


yes … you´re right… I will do it…
I have seen in the news that there is a very dangerous computer virus that can steal information :open_mouth: :scream:


Good that you didn’t click it. A .exe file is self-excutable file, if you click, it will install a (malicious) program in your device, most likely a virus.


Yeah, its abbsolutely virus. Now a days hackers can send virus through word and pdf files too…!!!


Yup its a virus and when you click it can steal your already login fields plus your ip adress. may be its a key logger virus when you enter somethng it record your keys and email frequently… as i have done information security degree so know about them… now adays its so easy to hack… The prevention is never ever put your details in a form or login which you dont know or suspicious. plus never ever open exe file send from unknown… exe files are assembled with some virus. may be sometime exe is showng right file but when you open it the assemble file hidden also install. and you are hacked or infacted.


It’s spam don’t open the message


It might be wannacry ransomware! :scream:


Omg! the Wannacry!!! :scream: :scream:




umm. …
… I think an option to automatically check the Zip or RAR files through fiverr would be an awesome idea :slight_smile:


Just NEVER EVER Open any .EXE files.
Been there.

I got a russian ransomware for accidentally opening it instead of clicking delete.

Hope you’re doing great :slight_smile: