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WARNING Major Fake Fiverr Fishing Scam!


Just got a fake, but very convincing a Fiverr buyer message email. Clicked through to a very convincing, but fake Fiverr login page.


See attached for a screenshot of the fake login page...


Not able to attach the screen shot here from my ipad the first time. Here it is


Notice the font style differences. This was a .in domain name!!!

I just about entered both my username and password before I realized what was happening.


Same here, I was suspicious of that page as I had just logged in a second or two before. so I didn’t fill it in, luckily. But I wasn’t totally sure it was a scam until I read your message. Thanks. I searched out the gig mentioned and replied, asking for clarification, doh! but without giving any of my details.

have you reported it to CS?


Yes, I have reported this and they told me they are aware and dealing with the situation.


scary stuff to think if you were tired, forgot your coffee or what ever that is all it takes to not notice and then bam no more moola :frowning: people are monsters



I had a level 2 account. But am not able to log in to to since yesterday. It keeps saying the email does not exist in their directory. BUt on searching my gig still turns up in the results. So that rules out the gig being disabled. I guess my account has been hacked. Hence had to create another account from scratch for the time being. Even tried contacting fiverr support. Its almost been more than a day still havnt heard from them. Really worried !! Anyone else experienced anything like this ever? Also does the customer support take this long to respond?



Change your password immediately…

Its a phishing page… Hacker may have your password and user name…!


Thanks Samina !!

I cant change the password as I am not able to log in itself. Just worried about all of my pending orders that were approaching the deadline. Also havnt heard from support for more than a day now :’(


This isn’t the first time scammers have done this technique on Fiverr. Be careful guys.


I am new to fiverr. I had the same problem.MY fund never reached to paypal.How do I report this? my first month earning was taken away…


Reply to @adorablenames: IS the prblem solved? Did you get your funds back?


Hey Guys,

My issue was resolved by the support crew. They reset my email Id. Best part is my unwithdrawn money was still safe :smiley:


I never actually submitted my password. Almost did cause it was early in the AM and I was on my ipad. Being a web developer, I noticed the font style differences on the login page!!!


Reply to @springarts: Good news!


Reply to @adorablenames:

Wow, eagle eyes :wink: I couldn’t work out why it wanted my name, when the name comes up automatically the way i have it set up on my computer, that’s what stopped me and made me engage my brain. . .


Always be vigilant everyone! And change those passwords regularly.

I’m hoping Fiverr implements two-step verification. If you haven’t already turned that on for Facebook, twitter, etc… it’s a wonderful peace of mind.