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Warning message from fiverr


I am new in fiverr.
I got a warning message from fiverr due to misuse of personal contact information.
i even didn’t exchange any personal info.Sometimes,You know that email,username,password of buyers is needed to complete some orders.In that case, We have to take this.And I take it in a text file.But why Fiverr now send me the warning?
Today one of my buyer gave me username and password in the order conversation.
Should i cotact to CS now or not?
Please Expert ,Help.


Yes, You should contact fiverr CS and tell everything :slight_smile:

As per fiverr TOS - sharing any personal info - that’s violate fiverr TOS :slight_smile:


As far as the contact info issue, it’s usually not an issue if a buyer sends it to you occasionally without a prompt and you just tell them it’s against the Fiverr ToS to contact outside. If you are getting a lot of buyers sending it, that’s unusual, so be careful you aren’t somehow giving them the idea that they should. Make sure you don’t use any “red flag” words yourself when you message, even if it’s an accident. Another thing you can do is to contact CS immediately if a buyer gives you contact info. Just let CS know you didn’t ask for it and you want them to be aware of that. Don’t make too big a deal of it, just state the basics.


It depends on why they gave it. If it’s part of the job you are doing then no but if it’s to contact you outside of fiverr for any reason other than that then you can tell them that’s not allowed.


No no its absolutely for work.without access,I can’t complete the work.


You should tell customer support that this is needed for your gig and let them know this and keep a copy of the response they give you in case this is ever a problem.


ok thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:


@misscrystal i send a message to customer support.Hope this will be ok.
But now i am facing another problem.It is a common problem.
i forgot my security question answer.
So,my point is that can i ask for solvng this too in the same request?
that mean in this running ticket?


CS will not help you with your security question, for fairly obvious reasons.


so what should i do?


Find the scrap of paper you’ve got it written down on if you’re anything like me! :slight_smile:

CS will not give security information out to anybody, which is as it should be - it’s your account, so only you know the question and answer.


I wrote the answer in a text file.But somehow ,i lost that file.
now, If I contact with My NID then will it ok?


No idea what an NID is I’m afraid, but you could try it - open a new ticket with CS if it’s to discuss a different topic.


NID means national id card


Thank you for explaining it! :slight_smile:


I am really disappointed now


Would you rather CS were happy giving out your security information to anybody who claimed they were you? I know I wouldn’t be!

Have you gone through phone verification etc. in the past? That may help your case, if you can then verify again in the future?


I verified my phone number some days ago


It might help then! :slight_smile:


I am website developer. I will ask buyers for the credentials of website and hosting. They will provide their email id and passwords. You never ask emails directly.