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Warning message


I’m new to this. Got a message that said: "We just noticed that your user description contained a URL or contact/personal information. Please re-write your user description without such info. If you wish to display samples of your work, you may use a link to flickr (for photos, illustrations, and graphics) or YouTube (for video, audio, and animation). All communications, ordering, delivery, and payments must be completed exclusively within"

I can’t find “user description” on my page. What do I click on to find this elusive area to change this?


Hover your mouse in the top right corner under your username. You’ll get a drop down list. Click on ‘settings’. On the left of the screen will be a box where you can input your description info. Write a good descriptive piece about yourself/services and follow the fiverr TOS and it will be approved.


Apparently this is an issue that’s been quite rampant lately. I had the same problem - right down to getting a rather nastily-worded email from them. Because it was actually not true, I resolved it by messaging them on their FB page (because I got only a canned response from support). They looked into it and resolved the issue pretty much immediately.


Similar issue: a potential buyer asked a “question” about an existing gig, but it was essentially them asking me to promote their website through Facebook/Twitter (and therefore nothing to do with my gig). When I went to respond, there was a warning message that the buyer has been reported and isn’t allowed to contact me unless I send Fiverr an unspam request. What’s that about?


P.S. There was a “reported” timestamp (that’s only visible when hovering over a certain spot), but I didn’t report anything.