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WARNING: My Fiverr Account “HACKED” Yesterday!

FIVERR MEMBERS BEWARE!!! On March 3, 2015 my Fiverr Account was automatically hacked and funds deducted without my permission by someone. Funds from my Fiverr account were automatically removed out for payment to some Fiverr member (in or from Vietnam) who is involved in selling “VPS Windows/Linux”; I do not know if this Fiverr member is actually involved or if there is a “computer glitch” in Fiverr’s system. For starters - I do not even know or understand what VPS Windows/Linux is or how it works; so the purchase was not made by me. I or nor did anyone on my behalf authorize this transaction. As of March 4, 2015 - I have contacted Fiver Customer Service Department for an investigation on this matter and still awaiting for an explanation from Fiverr. Have any other members here at Fiverr experienced a similar situation?

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Usually these incidents occur when the seller clicks on suspicious links in messages or gig sales they receive. Make sure to change your password.

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I know it is going to be tough to remember, but most of these incidents happen because the member provides their password without being aware of it.

There are many ways this may happen but here is the most common way.

  1. You get a message in your inbox that has a link to click.

  2. You click the link and it asks you to log in to Fiverr. Even though it is not Fiverr, the scammer created a phony site that looks like Fiverr’s

  3. When you log in to the phony Fiverr site, you are actually providing the scammer your login details

  4. Once he has your login details he can access your Fiverr account and steal your money.

    Do you remember if you got a message with a link in it and when you clicked the link it looked like you needed to log into Fiverr?

OMG that happened to me the other day! Someone claimed to want me to do a gig like xyz and I clicked the link and it didn’t work, so I re-logged in to see what it was that they wanted me to do (which didn’t make sense anyway). Changing passwords now! :frowning:

If you sign in with google connect, how does that work? I’m really worried now…

Reply to @sue_mcl: I sign with Facebook, but I think it’s more secure, because I have 2-times authentication. It means that after I will type my password I should receive an SMS from Facebook with the second password that I will type to log in.

Reply to @sue_mcl: Google also has 2-times authentication. Google it now and turn it on, if you don’t have it yet.


This is still happening in 2018, someone just tried it with me…

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For any account security related issue , contact Customer Support