WARNING: No notifications through the Fiverr mobile app (Alert) [RESOLVED]


It’s probably related to the ongoing maintenance but notifications aren’t being sent, which means the mobile app doesn’t give you notifications.

Be proactive and don’t rely on the mobile app.

- Are you having similar issues?

(June 9 2017) UPDATE: RESOLVED: Support refreshed the backend system for me and it worked!
If you have an issue like this in the future contact support right away.


Cheers for that - mine’s working today alright, but will keep an eye on the desktop as well, just in case! :slight_smile:


I wanted to bump this up becuase the issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

Just a heads up for those relying on the mobile app for notifications.


Thank you very much… will keep an eye on the desktop version too.
I also recommend to turn email notifications ON.


Opps! That’s bad to hear that mobile apps isn’t giving the notifications! But guys, I am still getting notification through my mobile apps! Ohh yeah!