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Warning on my account

Hy I am Nadeem.Majid is my friend.His account was gowing very fastly.He was about to get level two in next evaluation but suddenly at night fiverr sends him a warning.Warning was that you are not using delivery button in your orders in right way or misuse of it.Actually he was having bulk of data regarding social media content.So he sales that and the data is in GBs so he cannot send data in upload work because there was limit of 1GB as you know.So he uploaded all the data in google drive and just provide the link of data to buyers and buyers download data from there.So I want to know to not use of Upload work button is violation???

Hey Nadeem,

Seems like your friend got reported by the buyer for an incomplete delivery.

So either the upload was not finished when your friend hit the “deliver” button, or the order was not considered completed by the buyer because it wasn’t what was agreed upon.

Either way, Fiverr doesn’t issue warnings with no good reason.

What you are suggesting is irrelevant, this has nothing to do with milestones.


Hello, Nadeem!

Majid should be delighted to have a friend like you to fight his battles. :muscle:t4: :tropical_drink:
Next time, tell him to come to the forum and express his concerns. We aren’t spiders :spider: and not gonna bite. Nobody on the forum can assist you or Majid with the warning he received. However, the Buyer was most likely annoyed that he/she had to go through hell and back to download the finished project.


Spider’s don’t really bite.


Then please explain the entire Spiderman franchise.


Erm… (stuttering). I’m going to have to get back to you on that one.


LOL, good one. That was a zinger! :laughing:

@jake_hopkins I’m afraid of creepy-crawlies and in my eyes they all BITE. :grimacing:

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Zinger? Okay, I’ve just googled it. As a British person I need to get up-to-date on my North American slang.

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I need a friend like you yeah yeah yeah :notes::notes::musical_note::notes: