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Warning pasted permanently on my forum page

I am stuck with the warning pop on my forum home page and am not being able to use the menu bar because of this. can anyone please help me remove it? there are many questions i have but i dont want to take a risk getting a warning again stating its posted on a wrong category,so i want to use the search option first and if not able to find the answer, post my question hopefully … in the right category :slight_smile:

Warnings are not permanent unless you are banned from the forum. It will disappear by itself in time. You probably need to read the forum rules carefully and look over the categories more carefully. You must have multiple warnings if it is long enough to cause trouble, plus each new warning makes the notice box stay up longer.

It is unusual for someone to get multiple warnings unless they keep breaking forum rules or repeatedly posting in the wrong categories.

For example, a forum warning is obviously not a bug. I don’t know why you would post this in bugs. You can always just post in Conversations which is fine for almost anything except advertising. It really isn’t difficult. People with less skills in English still rarely need multiple warnings.

thanks but the thing is being new and naive, i was accessing the forum through a fiverr app which lags a lot and is very buggy which led me believe my post has not been posted making me post twice or thrice which eventually made it look like spam :frowning: and i recieved this warning,i could not even click on the link on the warning which asked me to post on that category or where my first post had been posted. now that warning would not go away and am not able to use the menu option of the forum.

Whatever the case, you now have every idea I can offer including a post that explains again that Tips for Sellers is not for general posts, conversations or general questions. You’ve been reminded that the Conversations category is good for nearly anything except ads.

Even so, you posted today in Tips for Sellers for general conversation starter and no tips. That post was removed since moderators shouldn’t have to move every post for you. It is clear you read/wriite in English well, so I have no idea why you are ignoring all the suggestions. Perhaps it’s time to take a break from posting and really read the links I gave you.