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Warning Popup Upon Ordering


To avoid buyers simply ordering without reading the description, i’d suggest this: Whenever the ‘Order’ button is clicked, a popup appear with a little ‘warning’ of some sort "Are you sure you’ve read the whole gig description? You won’t get any refund if it’s your mistake you know X( " along with 2 buttons ‘Yes I’ve read and understand the gig’ and ‘Okay my bad, I’ll go read it now’ :)>-


hahha… like your suggestion… :x


This would take a huge load off both sellers and support. Seems like right before sending the instructions the Buyers should get a confirmation page where they have the description and they have to confirm it. This way the buyer has no excuses.


Funny! Thumbs up for this. I’d like to see it happen


I totally agree, I sure hope they implement this. Too many buyers are trigger happy.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I was being sarcastic :))

It CAN be a turn off thing for buyers…

but it can be good too… for the sellers that is…

probably an ‘optional’ thing where sellers can enable/disable it of their gig dashboard or something…