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Warning recovery suggestion in fiverr

fiverr is a very popular site now all over the world. many many freelancers works here. for maintaining a system fiverr make some rules.if anyone breaks the rules then Fiverr gives warning. ok, it’s fine. but the main topic is the freelancer who works here with a good profile they did hard work. so sometimes they can make a mistake then they receive a warning from Fiverr. it’s natural. but I think Fiverr should make a system that recovery a warning.I mean if you receive a warning then if you can provide a good service within 1 year without any warning then your warning will be removed. something like that(this will not easy and not impossible) I just gave an example. i hope fiverr should do something like that.


I don’t know more about that matter but I also want to know if a seller got a warning is it remain lifetime?


yes… but i think fiverr should make a system to recovery this warning somehow


yes, if so it will be good for sellers…

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yeah, i want it for seller.

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