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Warning remove. it was buyer mistake


i have received one warning from fiverr,
it was buyer mistake , he did first mistake write bad comments then he contact to fiverr for remove. but fiverr send me warning . so fiverr will remove this warning if i will confirm by fiverr team ??/
please i want fiverr expert opinion .,

thanks in advance.


I don’t think it’s really a bad review/rating. It’s 4.5 stars which is good really. They were just trying to give some constructive criticism while also pointing out the good points. Did you ask the buyer to change/delete the review? Or about why he gave the review? If so, that could have been the reason for the warning. It might be risky to try to get it removed. It might just be better to accept the review and 4.5 out of 5 is actually good (even though a lot of them could be bad because of Fiverr’s BR rules/evaluations).


But i don’t tell him remove my review just i ask why you did like this , you was happy, he contacted the fiverr team for remove his review.


Fiverr might have thought you were pressuring the buyer about the review they gave or pressuring them into changing the review/rating. It’s safer now not to even ask a buyer about the review/rating they gave in case it is seen as attempting rating manipulation.


so i can send warning remove to fiverr team ? with proves ? they will remove or not ? or just fiverr give favor for buyer ?


When Fiverr issues a warning, they usually don’t rescind it. I’ve not heard of many cases where Fiverr has taken back their warnings (unless it was a legitimate mistake on their part). If they, at any point in time, feel that you are pressuring your buyer to change the review, and if they also receive a notice from your buyer asking for the review change, that’s when they give out the warning. Like @uk1000 said, they see it as rating manipulation.


Thanks Maanza_55

when this warning will remove in my account life ? or it will be consider with coming warning ?


Once you receive a warning, it stays @citydesign. I don’t think warnings get removed. But please make sure that you don’t get any more warnings. If you receive more than a particular number of warnings, your account can get restricted by Fiverr. Sometimes, they ban accounts even due to the nature of the violation - you may get banned even before you hit the warning limit, if you have committed a mistake that Fiverrr deems very grave.


Though for the level evaluations “Days Without Warnings” is only based on the last 30 days. So after those 30 days, that warning won’t stop you advancing to the next Fiverr level.


While warnings that have “timed out” may not stop you advancing from level 0 to 1 and 1 to 2, I think that @maanza_55 is right and that warnings don’t get removed but any new thing that might get you a warning will be checked against those, and also I guess even (a) “timed out” warning(s), depending on what it was for, may very well stop you advancing from level 2 to TRS. Just my thoughts, though, I don’t have any official info.


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