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Warning removed

I received warning almost I think 4 or 3 months ago , and after 30 it was not appearing in stats , (30 days without warning )
how ever I was able to see that warning from staff , (customer care tickets where we post our problems etc I checked why I receoved warning but they showed me no warning …
I don’t understand this can anyone help ?


You’re referring to this: Warning issues to me , correct? If so, I’m pretty sure you already have the answer.

system will eventually remove warning after some time but can not provide exact time frame


yes I am referring this , and thanks for ur reply let’s see what cs says

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i think you have no more warning. i’m confused as to why you are complaining about this

Warnings aren’t permanent? That’s odd. I understand that it’s a requirement to gain levels, so a warning would vanish from the requirements after some time. But from your whole account?

Maybe I’ve just gotten used to other sites, like Twitch where warnings you get stay forever, even if you might not be able to see them.

i’m surprised too. then again i’m a buyer, i don’t get warnings

I suspect it depends on the type of warning, the severity, and if you’ve earned more than one. It might still be on your record, just hidden.