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WARNING: ******** Robot Translations


Hi all,
This guy ******** is using Google translate on all of his gigs. I asked for a full refund on my last three gigs, but he has so far refused to pay me back. He has instead reported me to Fiverr for giving him my Paypal account to get my money back on old (November 2018) gigs. I understand that it goes against Fiverr policy, but I have no other method.
I have asked Fiverr support for assistance, they are following the case.

Please be aware, this guy is a fraud.

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Unfortunately, he/she is not alone here.


Isn’t that likely to put the OP’s Fiverr account at risk?
CS are already looking into the case. If they believe the OP should be refunded they’ll refund. If they don’t, doing a chargeback is likely to get the OPs account disabled I think.


Filing a transaction dispute or reversing a payment through your payment provider or your bank is a violation to these Terms of Service. Doing so may get your account temporarily or permanently disabled. Note: once you have filed a dispute with your payment provider, the funds will be ineligible for a refund due to our obligations towards the payment provider.

The above is from the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


You are right. I should have mentioned to use it as a last resort in case CS isn’t able to handle the case.


UPDATE: Fiverr refunded me the last gig, but I am fighting to get my previous ones refunded and to be able to place a correct review on his gig…
Wish me good luck!


Are all the previous translations exactly the same as a Google Translate version or do they just have similarities? Are they all bad translations? I assume you are showing support (eg. in a screenshot) a version translated via Google Translate and the version of each of the previous documents from the orders so they know they are the same (if they are) as that should help.


Hi uk1000,
They are exactly the same as google translate. Even restaurant names had been translated.
I took screenshots of the proof plus added my original and the guy’s translations. Fiverr won’t refund the old translations…


There are many telltale signs of (unedited) machine translations, restaurant names in this case being a very obvious one that even people who aren’t native speakers of the target language can recognize, and there are many less obvious ones that usually will tell a translator who is a native speaker of the target language that a text is an (unedited) machine translation.

Maybe it’s an idea to find a reliable proofreader of the target language and ask them what they’d take to highlight such signs and explain in comments why it means the translation is just an automatic (unedited) Google translation, depending on what amounts you paid for the translations, it might be worth it, as an additional proof, but, of course, I don’t know if Fiverr would accept that.
Another alternative would be to invest a bit more into a proofreader and have them go over the translations to make them usable. I’d not order a proofreading gig directly though but ask the seller to check one of the files first, so they can tell you if a “quick proofreading/correcting job” is enough, or if they basically would have to rewrite every sentence, in which case it might be better and not even more expensive to have the texts translated again from scratch.

“Translations” like that are one of the reasons I don’t even offer proofreading gigs myself because, among other things, you’ll get people who want you to “just” proofread translations without the original text, which, in cases like this, when even restaurant names have been translated, often will leave you scratching your head, and even if the customer knows that an actual proofreading should be done against the original text, many don’t want to pay much for proofreading while it can take one just as much (or even more!) time to correct translations than to translate from scratch, depending how bad it is.

Not all machine translations are bad, though, it depends a lot on the language in question and the kind of texts - but you really can’t use completely unchecked and unedited machine translations at all because it’s simply too risky, even if there aren’t many errors, it can be bad errors, like the restaurant names (another great example being the infamous “Turkey” translation - the animal instead of the country in a list of countries, an error you’d think even a bot shouldn’t have made).

Some kinds of mistakes can happen due to typos, careless mistakes or tiredness, of course, but translators who are native speakers usually can see if things are mistakes made by a human or if the text has just been machine translated as a whole and not been corrected/edited, there are also signs/hints that are less obvious to someone who doesn’t speak the language, or which they can’t recognize at all, of course.

Well, hope it will be dealt with in a fair way, and that you’ll find a reliable translator. They exist, you just need to find them (and be willing to pay for the time a manual translation takes and plan well enough - if someone asks for a humanly impossible delivery time and the seller has no problem with that, chances are he or she will deliver :robot: translations).

I know you’d like those translations refunded, of course (and in that case, you could use the refund against proofreading or new translations), just some thoughts that might be helpful.