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Warning signs of a potentially troublesome buyer


See OP :wink: I sometimes ignore my judgement as they seem reasonable, but one should never ignore the gut! Anyway, it might not be so bad and I’ll get a good or no review out of it, so we’ll see.


I have never had issues with any buyer.Although I am just new here.I have just gotten 2 sales.I hope I get to see more understanding buyers


Me too, usually Google is involved.


That´s not so bad, as long as they don´t want it perfecter.


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Oh god bless Google. What will I do without it!!?? :innocent:
*insert holy music *


[details=Off-topic: On Saint Google and Automated Translation][quote=“zeus777, post:29, topic:96669, full:true”]
Oh god bless Google. What will I do without it!!?? :innocent:
*insert holy music *

Recently I read an ‘article’ on how far automated translation has evolved…the article had tested some of the newer programs/versions, pay-for programs even, which supposedly were better, and of course one of them was deemed the best and they all had links to follow…for fun and to see how far automatic translation has evolved, I followed those links and downloaded a trial version of the #1 program to try…
The output of that best program was so bad I didn´t bother downloading any others and, after googling a text into ‘German’ for more confirmation, once more felt quite reassured about human ‘manual’ translation still being a thing until I´m dust. There are people who claim wondrous things about automated translation and tell translators to go change their career now, but frankly, they must all be software developers or paid naysayers or something. There are cool programs and a lot of things they can be used for, sure, but no matter which program I feed a ‘real world’ text into, all I can see is a target text that would take me longer to correct than it would take me to translate the source text.[/details]

For the sake of on-topicness I would argue this one:

Short and abrupt messages or even no messages probably can, but don´t have to forebode bad things.
While I do like to talk to some buyers, I´m quite fine with no, short , abrupt and timesaving communication, too, as long as they’ll accept the delivery of course, I didn´t have any problem with that yet, of course it might just be a matter of time, but then I guess it depends a lot on what kind of things your gigs are about as well.

Interesting, when I saw the post shows 1. instead of 11. I went to edit it, but in the edit window it is 11., not sure what´s going on there with the quote function, but anyway: this is #11 in capitalquality’s list, not #1.


I tend to disagree with:

  1. Customers often ask me to fix the work of others. I suppose this is because my domain is pretty “black and white” - there are few subjective or grey areas.
  2. A customer trusting me to do the work, as advertised, is never a problem for me.
  3. This just seems like paranoia. A person ‘being friendly’ and ‘trying to make a good impression’ shouldn’t be misconstrued as ‘I want free work’.
  4. The majority of my customers are busy professionals looking for an inexpensive/efficient service. Unless they don’t provide the order requirements, I have no problem with short/concise messages.
  5. Similar to the above reasoning.
  6. They can promise a million additional orders, but they’ll only receive the same work/price as every other customer.


I just got one… and he is crowned buyer… still asked 26 questions in one hour before purchasing, then rejected 6 times the delivery for reasons like “where do I find the icon from the program?”, still after a teamviewer session when I did installed and tested the program right under his eyes, he is rejecting again the delivery just because he did not remember how. On top of that, I delivered also a video file with instructions. Still after all these I had to cancell the order to escape… bad experience…


Getting an inbox message that looks suspiciously like an order, responding to it with “plz make an order” to get the response of “I thought this was the order”.


I have had many of them buyers before and now I tell them I cannot do your order.

It’s best to lose out $5 then get a negative rating for sure!



I am a buyer and know exactly what I want i given drawn roughs photos, details and always stay available for further request.
and after 4 sellers who pretend to be professional and understand the request deliver something out of the remit
They never read the brief. and ask questions where i have already briefed them.
Seriously beginning to think fiver is a place for anyone can join, with not legit skills. .


It is. Fiverr is a platform where anyone can join and offer their services. This is why it is important for buyers to read the ToS, learn how to decide which seller to use and to be careful. It is also why the prices are so low.


Seeing that list i guess i have been pretty fortunate. Haven’t really had many issues with clients. I have had to turn down request for work sometimes after seeing a few things on that list so i guess i’ve saved myself from the trouble :grin:


While I know the portal to hell that can open up, knock on wood, so far I have been lucky enough to say that one of these alone should not at all be seen as a warning sign. My last two works both started with the 7 and the next and only response from the buyer(s) was the 5 star review,
However, I get wary when my art is requested by artists. For their babies like their books, their poems or something like this. That’s when I brace myself for the impact on revision land.


Very funny indeed:joy:


This will really help we, sellers to get rid of troublesome buyers


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Really helpful. Will save me a lot of trouble in future.