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WARNING Suspicious phising links by some users to buyers

i have reason to believe some people are targeting fiverr sellers using spam messages and phising links to collect information from buyers on the grounds that they have saved the information on dropbox. i may be wrong but i believe this needs some attention


here is the link {follow with caution}
share your views about what you think

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some of these dudes are very weird. thanks man for sharing your comments with the community

What happens if you click on the link?

It’s strange that you provide the link then say to follow it with caution. Why put the link here at all?

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You will be redirected to fake website and you have to enter your email credential to “login” to that website.
I had fall for this once, and all my bitcoin wallet taken from my email, including debit card credential and some games account.

BEWARE sellers and buyers, do not enter ANY email/password credential to scammy looks website.

I received this same link a few minutes ago.buyer said project requirements are placed in his dropbox but luckily i did not caught by him.

i used disposeable email to proceed and i find a pdf guide.

Please report to CS. Thanks

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