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Warning to all sellers! Phishing Scam!

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to warn you all that I think I have been targeted by a phishing scam. I got a message saying

"Hi there! I hope you are well.

I saw your gig and i liked it , but i want you to apply this idea in this gig :


Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

if you can do what i need reply to my message and i will make two orders.



Now the link she sent me just sends me to a fake Fiverr page that won’t let you log in but you can click the button… it just goes nowhere…

The message she sent makes no sense as she sent it via my French translation gig and somehow wants me to apply it to a spell gig or something…?

She hasn’t got back to me but I reckon she maybe doing it so she can access accounts and withdraw your money…

Just thought I’d warn you in case all your hard work and money goes to waste…

Her name’s Sheriff’s note: it’s not allowed to call out other users.

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Well, link starts with http://FRAGGLESROCK/ and not with

Unfortunately, we must be really careful about links, I’d say we must be paranoid! Before clicking any link we must double check not only the written link itself (in this case it was really easy to find the problem) but the link where we’re redirected if we click on it!

On many browsers, if you hover the link (before clicking it), you can see in some part of the browser window the real link. I can write let’s visit Yahoo! site but if you check the link you can notice I’m forwarding you to Google!!

So, check the link before navigate to it and if you feel it’s not ok… don’t click on it!!

More: many scammers use short urls (the are a lot of free services for this) so what you see is kind og “■■■■■■/…” or “…” and so on: don’t trust them if you’re not sure of what’s behind! Anyway, if you accidentally click on them and you’re redirected, look at the real link you navigated to before doing anything on that page!

Hope this helps!

It sounds fishy to me. I don’t think it’s a good idea to post that link so even more people can click it. Did you try to login there with your Fiverr account? If you did, I would reset my password really fast!

I reset it straight away. I posted the link so people know not to click it thats all I said beforehand its a scam. Just wanted to warn people thats all :slight_smile: I worked too hard on here for it to get stolen. I dont know how to report it though thought people could help out? Tha nkyou.

There are truly bad people out there who want to do nothing but steal money from hard working people. Thanks for letting us all know about it

@hayleycovell Thanks for the timely warning! Phishing attempts happen fairly often to Fiverr members, and for people who are unfamiliar with them & fall into the trap, they can be devastating! The forums are full of sad stories of people who lost hundreds of dollars, got blocked from their accounts and all the other bad things that can happen. Unfortunately, the forum rules say we’re not allowed to post off-fiverr links or usernames, but many of us believe that sharing information about phishing attempts should be the exception.

Just a reminder:

Be cautious of unsolicited messages saying they’re from Fiverr, even with the Fiverr letterhead and logo, but asking for private information, including your password. No legitimate website on which you are a member will ever ask for your password in any context except when you are logging into the site or you have gone to them, not vice versa! A routine phishing attempt is for a supposed Fiverr “contest”. If you have any doubt (because Fiverr DOES routinely run contests) post a query on the Fiverr Facebook page, the forums or ask customer support directly.

Be suspicious of unsolicited messages containing files, which can hold a virus. If the message seems genuinely related to your gig and you need to view it to do a job, scan the files with your antivirus software & be sure your virus definitions are up-to-date.

Double-check any links contained in unsolicited messages. Be sure that what’s written in the message matches the link when you hover your cursor over it, and that the link isn’t suspicious (i.e. contains strings of random letters & numbers). A perfect example is the link shown in the original post, which looks like a Fiverr link if you’re not paying attention.

Reply to @celticmoon: Excellent post!

Celtic, maybe you should make this a post of its own, in the Seller Tips category?


Yet again, the victim getting punished by Fiverr. Unreal. Good thing the “Sheriff” is here for our protection.

@hayleycovell: Thank you very much for sharing this story. There might be plenty of sellers railroaders by buyers like that one. I’ve had similar buyers asking me to do Gigs for their personal projects, by clicking on links to the world beyond Fiverr. Yeah right. :frowning: Kinda weird how someone would go through the time and trouble of writing pseudo ads, but okay.

You have saved Fiverr sellers with this. Thanks!

Reply to @regency85: Hi Robert, Thanks~ Not a bad idea, maybe I’ll do that. Unfortunately, phishing & hacking happen all the time here, so new discussions will keep coming up and hopefully new members will learn before it can happen to them. (It must be SO tempting to the bad guys…all our funds sitting there, waiting to be transferred out & into their waiting arms, if they can help it!)


Hey Guys! Thanks for your positive replies, I did just post it to help as It’s so annoying that people do this and then Fiverr ‘protect’ the persons name… thanks Fiverr!!!