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Guys be safe i received 2 messages last days those both messages are viruses they’re trying to HACK my profile and my info.

DO NOT EVER OPEN .bat files and .docm files. BE SAFE!

1st message has .bat files do not ever open .bat files!!!

And 2nd message has a .doc file, which everyone will definitely open it. BUT make sure to Disable MACRO from your MS Word and all other Microsoft Softwares.! this can be very Dangerous issue!
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Good question, once you open it nothing gonna happen you can’t notice anything. but all scripts are running on your computer background, its automatically authorized with internet so HACKER can simply take screenshots or see your screen / simply hack your typing passwords or anything, or he can also see your locations / an totally everything. and he can also access your web browser / pictures / private details / emails / web cam and much more.


Mac users - you don’t have to worry as much as windows user, but its still a RISK! so you can use a App Called “Little Snitch” this app can BLOCK out going / Incoming connections its very powerful. plus you can test / scan your pc by using “Malwarebytes”

Windows users - Use Kaspersky + Little Snitch App to block incoming / outgoing connections, also use a powerful virus guard like Kaspersky to scan your computer.


Thank you for the advise but exposing the client’s info negatively is against the TOS.

Please revise. Best regards,


Thank you i just removed the image i hope its clear now?


Please report them to Customer Support.


Yeap! Just avoiding you to get busted…:slight_smile:

Best wishes,


Thank you very much for this advise.


Yes me too I was contacted by a customer attaching doc file with macros. Fiverr should prohibit such files.


Thanks for sharing !


Thanks for sharing ! I had received same Doc file before… he act like a buyer and ask me to open the Doc file and read the instruction and Quote.


Thanks that you mentioned the formats. I will sure keep that in my mind.


I opened the .bat file :fearful::fearful:


Fortunately macros in office are locked automatically.


I have also received a .zip file but my google chrome didn’t let the download continue because it was a virus and then I reported to customer support… Tomorrow I will put here a print screen


I received those messages 3 times in last 3 days.
All of them are from users who registered in this month with nicknames such “***********”, with female avatars and fake location from ********.
In all cases message was the same:
Wsup! I need order you service.
I want to do this quickly.
Please load technical task.
tomorrow will do??

Attached zip file content is: bat file + docx file and some unknown file.

REMEMBER - DO NOT OPEN BAT, EXE and other unknown files
Always scan files with your antivirus or check them on [URL removed - use your choice of antivirus site]

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Thank you so much for your valuable information


Thank you very much.


What can I do if I’ve already opened the .bat file?


Also .cd5 I never open any file which triggers my anti virus. If someone sends me a doc file I use an online reader.


Thanks for the info. You can also flag messages from such users to alert customer support.


Then question is what happen after you opened it.