Warning to all sellers who leave a mutual cancellation in place


I left a mutual cancellation in place on an order as the buyer and I both agreed the content would be delivered in 2 days. I couldn’t really lift it from my phone. Plus, the mutual cancellation had this text in place:

"You need to respond within the next 4 days or the order will be cancelled. "

So, I figured “hey, 2 days, that mutual cancellation is not going to expire”

Guess what? About 30 minutes before the customer agreed that it could be delivered, the order automatically cancels. It was not 4 days at all. It was 2 days.

The customer is annoyed as it left me with a negative feedback. Customer support are not going to remove it because I was unresponsive.


Yes, I thought it used to be 2 days, but the thing clearly says 4:


Wait, but it always has been 2 days before auto-cancelling, it was never 4 days… if this is/was a Fiverr bug, I hope you took a screenshot to prove CS that it’s not your fault.



I’ve been in constant touch with the client since, so I did respond, just never lifted the mutual request as I felt no need.

Looks like I forgot to take the client’s name out of the screenshot in one place. Would have been obvious if you viewed by gig anyway.


Weird policy if a seller is punished for a bug in Fiverr’s end.


The buyer is contacting customer support about it as we have remained in constant contact, but Fiverr has changed their policy around cancellations for late delivery, so i doubt it will even be removed.


What I have done is lift the cancellation then start it again to start the clock over a couple of times.

That is a bug though if it cancelled after only two days or more likely the message saying 4 days is incorrect.


I didn’t really mind the cancellation being there because the gig would have been delivered before the 4 days anyway. You also can’t cancel it through the Fiverr app so it slipped my mind by the time I returned to the computer anyway. The client is now waiting for the content until Monday. (he reordered within minutes and contacted customer support)

Just really frustrating.

Plus side; I unpaused at went straight to the front page again. Very weird.


May be its a BUG!


It’s as if they took those gigs that were invisible before and put them at the top and the ones with good visibility and put them at the back.

You might be entering a new golden age of unlimited sales so it would be good to figure out how to do it without cancellations although they don’t seem to harm your sales a bit now.


I have a conversion rate of like 50%. But, only 1% of gigs delivered on time 0_o. Although, my gig deliveries do seem to earn Fiverr more money as 20% now seem to be tipping.


When it gets unpaused next, I have a bit of a way to deal with it. Only reason I got into this pickle was because I had large orders to deal with from the previous week, so I was still working on a couple of 40 article orders (10 of them). So, that got annoying.

I want to unpause now as I know I can deal with everything that comes in five days from now, but I am also scared that while I have some that are very late, every time Fiverr beeps on my phone, it shall be a new cancellation. I can live with 48 more cancellations at this point, but no more. (49 shortly when the one is removed)


Has it always been that much??? Or is that something new?

That could be the answer.


Conversion rate is normally around the 25% mark.


That’s still very high. I wonder if the new algorithm looks mostly at that. It’s the first thing I’ve heard of that makes sense.


My conversion rate is usually 12-15%


How many sales do you have a week and month? Where are your gigs listed lately? Are they found easily in searches?


Usually, I have around 20-40 sales a month. My gigs were always on the first page if you search the word “social media banner” or “facebook fanpage”, but now when you open my categories which are “Social Media Set-up and Integration” and when you open social media design I am on the first page also.

But over the time, I’ve updated my photos, my profile, text. It all got better when I started using a photo of me. instead of the idea bulb.

In the past 2.5 years, my conversion rate was around 6%-7&.


So have you moved up in your gig placement lately?

Your rate is very good. I’m no expert on conversion rates but anything over 10% is probably considered very good or excellent.


I have never checked my category directly, but I assume that my gig moved up in the search placement. That happened after I used my own photo and I upped my prices.

Yep, I think so also.

But April was my worst month ever on Fiverr. I had about 10-20 sales on fiverr.

What I forgot to mention above was that I got 20-40 sales per gig.


I have one gig that on June 13 got 4 gig views. I got an order on that day so my conversion rate was 25%.

My impressions were at a record low on that day.

If that is what the algorithm is looking at for gig placement that’s not a good way to do it.


Usually, I don’t check my impressions a lot. Nope, I don’t think that new algorithm is looking at the gig prices, I gotta find something on google for the new algorithm.

Maybe it’s because I got my tags updated.