Warning to sellers adding custom Thumbnails on YouTube


Unless you want endless YouTube generated ads after adding your Fiverr gig videos read on…

After doing the first common step of posting my Fiverr gig videos on YouTube. I realized the three choices
for thumbnails were not at the beginning of my videos where my face and gig text are. “custom thumbnails not allowed on this account”. Darn! I thought so naturally clicked “learn more” within YouTube “How to choose a custom thumbnail” . Not much came up specifically but one distinctive video with two guys explaining how to get this feature working. They tell you to turn Google Adsense on and then go back to videos and turn off “Ads” from the pull-down menu…but its not there! You my friend just got fooled and signed up to Adsense. Not nice Google ;-(
REAL simple fix to get the custom Thumbnails, is to confirmed your phone number do that and boom.


So, what should we do? Please point out the tips. Please be specific


If you can’t click on the bottom thumbnail (That lets you up load any picture as your main thumbnail)
Then simply confirm any telephone number you used when signing up. In my case that’s all it was.
Hope that helps you


So google technically forces you, right?


No. just remember the solution. Now how do I remove the adwords review if you turned it on, no idea i’m just glad I got the thumbnails corrected for now.