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Warning To Sellers Messaging other Sellers

In the year of working on Fiverr, I have had numerous messages from other sellers.

“I am new on Fiverr please help me with my gigs.” Or “I am a teacher, won’t you employ me!”

There is one big rule here: Do NOT message other sellers! It is not done on Fiverr.

Also, do NOT sell your services on Buyer Request, this is only for sellers.

I hope this is helpful!


@teachernita You are correct.
I can see many service selling on Buyer Request page. That is not good.

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With the exception being if a seller is legitimately interested in ordering from another seller, which is absolutely allowed on Fiverr!


Yes, surely, I don’t mean that you cannot message if you are interested in a service.


Thank you for your informative post.

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You told correct. Actually, peoples who do the think they are not skilled I think.

recently I came across one person who texted me saying he does the same services as I do. if in case, I had some extra orders he wants them :roll_eyes: why? I mean why would I do that?


You wouldn’t.

As for why he would ask, pure desperation.


I’m getting daily 5-10 spam message from sellers. it’s so annoying

If you are getting messages like that you need to report them. There is a button you push, which alerts CS.

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If i post here something good about video gigs, i often get spam in messages from ******* countrys with broken English, help me, i will edit for you and so on and on . Sadly i have to report them and i think they end up baned.

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed.

Sad yes but the right outcome.

If someone drives up the wrong side of the road they get their diver’s license taken off them. This is not really debated as ignoring the rules that keep us all safe makes them a danger. The same applies to people who decide that the rules of this place (and just good manners) do not apply to them are not what anyone needs.



I’d also caution sellers from handling copyright disputes without getting CS involved. If someone copied your gig and/or is displaying your work as their own, don’t go to their inbox making demands and demanding explanation. You’re risking to get slapped with a warning for sending spam and will waste your precious time and nerves to get that overturned.

Go to CS, state your case, provide proof. Let them handle the copycat.


xD right :slight_smile: something like: “sir/madam how ar you frend, pls I can no ask you for need a work done pls”