Warning to use external link in GIG!


I have received warning from fiverr, that i have violated TOS as i have used some external link in my GIG!
Where as i have not used any external link, or i dn have knowledge of it, i have checked it again, but i am not able to fink any link in my fiverr gig. yes i dn offten use google drive link to deliver the video to client, or i sent my you tube link, when a buyer ask to show previous work done. it is against TOS? you tube and google drive link are allowed to share.

have you suffered this ever? what are your thoughts about it?


Here’s the list of allowed URLs:


thanks for you reply, but i have not link in my gig description. does this warning is talking about the google drive links i have shared while delivering orders?


No idea I’m afraid - why don’t you ask CS for clarification? :slightly_smiling_face:


i have sent a mail recently, but usually, i am afraid to contact cs.


It is safe to contact CS. sometimes it happen to me . I am a guest post provider and my finance site has words money-finance , Fiverr warns me not to use word money :slight_smile: I usually use CS , It is really helpful :slight_smile:


did they take the warning back ?


As far as I know the only way to exchange files via Google drive and grand permission to files is by also exchanging e-mail addresses, what is against the TOS.