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Warning: your gig cover image might have been stolen

Hello everyone,

I wasn’t sure where to post this but my main goal was trying to warn as many people as possible.
Yesterday I was searching through similar gigs as mine (translation from English to Portuguese) so I could see if there was something I could learn from successful sellers and I saw a gig with the exact same name as mine and with the exact same cover image. I am certain they stole it from me because I created it from scratch. Before taking drastic decisions and report that seller I contacted him explaining the situation and he kindly replaced it. He also added that it wasn’t him who found the image but a colleague of his. However, today I realized that there was another seller with my image and I proceeded the same way and am still waiting for a response.
Until now I thought this was a rare case and I was one of the few unlucky ones to whom this happened, but unfortunetely I was not, and that’s why I’m writing this warning.
The image that the seller I first contacted is using now is being used by other two sellers (that I know of). Because of this, I would suggest you make a small search of similar gigs as yours to make sure your cover image (or other gig details) that you created or bought is being used by you and you alone.
I find this a frustrating situation as this plataform motivates us to be unique to help us differentiate from one another and offer a unique service and then, after we worked hard for that, someone comes in and takes our hard work without even asking.
I hope most of you haven’t suffered from this and, to those who have, could you please share your experience as well?

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