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I got warning for just writing that “No i am not providing you my E-mail”(Although that was silly), But i have read Fiverr, TOS, but it ruined my Level 1. It is stopped on 90.

Do i have to start from ZERO ?

Means again i have to make 10 sales, 30 days active etc.

I got warning from Fiverr also for using restricted word like Email etc.

Contact Customer Support and discuss your case. It’s either they’ll reinstate your level or will tell you how long til you can get it back. You won’t have to start from zero again.

In the past, I’ve typed words like e-mail or money into a message (sometimes it’s necessary depending on what you’re talking about). Fiverr’s system automatically flags these words, but I’ve never gotten in trouble for them. I don’t think you should have lost your level, seeing as you didn’t actually break the policy. I agree with @theratypist; I would explain what happened to Customer Support. It might take a bit of time, but hopefully they’ll reinstate your level.