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Was a newbie and the buyer didn't pay

Hi guys! I am newbie on fiverr, and I was really excited when my first customer wrote me (after 20+ buyers requests than I sent).
Because I was pretty new, I didn’t really know how an order looks like for the seller, therefore I sent him my job in inbox, aaaaand obviously he didn’t pay. However he liked it, but after my remind that he should pay, he just ignores me.
Is there a way to get the money back or I should just give up?

There’s no way to get paid for that job, since you essentially volunteered to do the work. I know it’s frustrating, but consider this a lesson on the importance of asking for the money and using your “to do” page to stay on task.

Well, I somehow already gave up and accepted the lesson, just wanted to check all the possibilities.
Thanks for help!