Was doing 2-3 orders everyday and today I have 18 orders. Hurray!




Wow congratulation mate. Did you do any promotion?

All the best!


Congrats Dude…


Reply to @xlysis: Nope. No promotion. Some are repeat orders as they are very happy with my previous work. Few I contacted through the requests page.


Reply to @likesmax: Thanks !


Maybe it is good karma at work, because I decided to donate the first 50 bucks I earned day before yesterday to charity. ! :slight_smile:


Dat avater!




Reply to @cybercube: Lol ! Do you recognize it? Brownie points if you get it correct. :slight_smile:


Reply to @sham19: Just finished 14 of them ! Whhoooosh.


Well done bro keep it up and maintain good reputation :)>-



your gig is PERFECT for a website i’m building… I will be attending events with pictures and videos and need a proper writer to make these look awesome so I can pop it on my website!


@cheesybarnstar You started at 250 wpm and then went to 500? Was there no demand at 250 words per minute?

Curious if you’d like to share.


Reply to @kuzzmedia: Hm…Interesting question. I was getting a few orders at 250 as well. But I saw that most top sellers were offering upto 400. That’s why, I increased. Anyways, when I am on a roll, 200 or 400 really doesn’t make a time difference, unless it’s s topic where material is hard to get.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: Thanks man ! Much appreciated. Always happy to help. Drop by with your requests.


Reply to @seoresources730: Yup! That’s the plan. I was scared of the 18 orders but I put all of them through with 100% rating. so yay!


Reply to @arnevb: Thanks ! I think I’ll get the 1st Level after 1 month is completed right? Do I have to apply for it? Right now, it’s 20 days, And I have completed 25 orders.


10 sales and be on here for a month.

You don’t apply it happens automatically, unless you have had a lot of customers cancelled.

So cheesy… do you have your own blog?


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: Ah, it should be fine then. I will complete 50 orders at this rate in the first month. No cancelled orders till now though I have some delayed orders (with prior permission from buyers). Hope I can sustain this momentum. I have a blog. But fiverr doesn’t allow me to link to outside links.




He Max

your allowed to link outside links, just as long as the link itself doesn’t contact any personal contact information.

for example, when I included my fb link to my company page. It was fine… when I updated the cover photo in the company fb page with graphics, products and email address, link got removed.