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Was I a bit too blunt?

So, I’m getting really sick of other sellers contacting me in order to ask me to consider using them to help me get through my writing workload, either that or to consider them for voice over work. Besides, isn’t this spam?

Either way, I’m sick of it. It wastes my time and if you message me over night, you are subsequently to blame for my response rate dropping. More importantly though, if I do need any service on Fiverr, I go out, look for what best suits me and order. In fact, I will never order from these people messaging me because to me it’s just begging.

The above being the case, I therefore replied to one such message this morning by saying:

"Just so you know, this doesn’t work.

I never choose to work with people who beg like this primarily because you waste my time with having to respond to these messages."

I then reported the sender but somehow got this in reply:

“I’m not begging you ignorant fool. Thanks for showing your intelligence here. I don’t work with morons. Goodbye! :)”

Now, was I just a bit too blunt here? Or am I right trusting my gut and NEVER working with untalented little plebs like this? Either way, I’m never going to. But how is this kind of solicitation even legal in the first place?

You both sound unprofessional, to be honest.

Nah, I’d just retort with a “reported for spam and abuse” and let them sweat it as they slink away–or come up with an even more insulting reply that adds another nail to their fine coffin.

If I have clients requesting information, they obviously get a much more civil and professional response. If on the other hand, I have people messaging me with all the reasons they are the best choice for me to order gigs from them, I simply give them the finger.

It’s rude and I never burden other sellers in this way.

I enjoy being as kind and professional as possible even in the face of total idiocy. It greases the wheels of commerce.
So I would say something like
"No thank you. This is spam and you can have your account banned for it."
Then I report it.

I don’t think you were overly blunt and I get the temptation to be even more blunt with those messages. However, think about what good it will do. It does nothing for you to communicate like that, whereas a simple “sorry, not interested” message communicates the same thing but also, if 1. you are ever interested in their service or 2. they are ever interested in your service (small possibility), then it won’t be a problem.

No… it’s spam. The same as someone cold-calling your home. There is no such thing as being too blunt in these situations, especially when, like you, I am recieveing around one of these spam ‘custom orders’ a day. It ruins the whole nature of Fiverr, it’s disgusting, and Fiverr should be doing more to stop it. Fiverr, what are you doing to stop it? Nothing. So we need people like cyaxrex to tell these people where to shove it… if we all do the same then maybe it will stop… ahh well, we can keep dreaming can’t we.

This is the ranting pot!

These are my sentiments exactly. I do usually send basic “ok” and “not interested” responses, however, since I have to waste time responding anyway I’ve decided just to let rip from now on. You do the crime, you do the time.

I usually reply with p*ss off spammer, that usually works for me, then again I’m not exactly the most polite person when it comes to spammers and scammers, my fuse is fairly short, LOL.