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Was I Being Paranoid? Or Did I Do The Right Thing?

Update: The matter thankfully got resolved. The actor in question replied to me on Twitter and confirmed the buyer’s claims so I was able to complete the order.

Thanks to those who replied!

Update 2: As a final closing to this story, I received both the biggest I’ve ever gotten on this platform and a glowing testimonial on my profile. Feels like all the stress I went through ended up paying off for me. I guess the lesson is to not doubt your instincts.

Hey everyone,

This situation has me feeling quite out of my depth so I’d like to get a few opinions on how I’ve handled it.

I was approached recently to write a piece about a voice actor. The person approaching me claimed to be in the voice actor’s “media sector” and they wanted me to write an article talking about the voice actor’s work in a popular video game.

I did extensive research and found nothing linking the specific actor to the game in any way. I found a different name credited with voice acting work for the character in that game instead. I went back to the client, requesting an extension due to lack of information and asked for clarification. Their response was that their client was indeed in the game and that the listed actor merely gave their likeness, not their voice and that their client’s IMDB was not updated yet.

I got back to them stating that I cannot verify who they are and that they need to provide me with some evidence, which they have not. Frankly, I don’t feel comfortable writing things that are not factual which is why I have been pushing for this. The buyer got back to me saying that they have no reason to misrepresent the actor and accused me of deflecting. If they work as someone’s publicist, wouldn’t they at least provide a company name or something?

I went as far as to contact this actor on Twitter in a DM. Haven’t heard back but I have already gone as far as to ask CS to cancel.

As I mentioned, this has been completely out of my depth and has been giving me crazy anxiety. I’ve tried to be as polite and apologetic as possible. Am I being paranoid or did I handle this correctly?

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I think you handled it correctly. I wouldn’t write about something I can’t verify like that.

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Cheers, I wish I had used my brain before an order was actually placed

I think you did the right thing! Never do an order that you don’t feel comfortable with!

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