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Was I blocked by a buyer or was the buyer banned from the site?

Good evening, or morning or night, depending on your time zone.

About 10 days ago I started an order with an individual regarding a article for 300 words. Wrote it, delivered it. he then responds saying the whole thing is wrong, do it again, I said alright, redid it again, delivered it again, and in total I had about 7 revisions to this order and over the word limits as well (The reason I allowed it was I am one order away from level 1).

Then i wake up today with an email saying the order is canceled and funds have been transferred back to buyer. Customer service says his account is no longer the platform.

But the weird thing is, when I go back to our messages, it says he is online.

How can he be online when his account is no longer on the platform?

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