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Was I scammed or was my work bad?

The thing about proofreading is that it’s a hit or a miss…so I just proofread an eBook for $25…I thought I did a perfect job, ran it through two different proofreading tools, there really weren’t any errors. But the author asked for a cancellation saying I changed the flow of some of the paragraphs and that there were too many errors…well, to cut to the chase, I refunded her, and am still scratching my head if I really did anything wrong or I just proofread somebody’s book for free. LOL.

Only thing that can help me get over this tragedy is if Barcelona manages to beat Atletico Madrid later tonight and enters the semi-finals of the Champions League…sorry Diego Simeone, I like your team, but I want to see a clash between Barca and Real Madrid in either the SF or final! I would proofread 5 books for free for that. LOL.

I had a very similar experience once. However, in my case somebody ordered an article on another site and then passed the article on to another person for proofing which they sent back looking like a monkey-proofed it. - i.e. the buyer had no idea how the work should be done and decided to check my work against that of someone who clearly wasn’t very well versed in English language usage. (The ‘proofer’ even kept mixing up your and you’re).

In this case, you have had either an idiot buyer or been scammed. Of course, there is the third option that you did something wrong but you write very fluently and have an excellent reputation so I doubt this is the case.

The only question is, was the book at least a decent read?

LOL…it was a chick lit…racy language, sexual overtones, not the sort of book that I would read. But I felt I did a good job. Anyway, doesn’t matter. It’s not that I lost $25 that bothers me, or that I wasted 1-2 hours on the book…but I’m just thinking - was I played? If so, brilliant! LOL.

Well, I’ll have a new book ready in July (hopefully) so if you like disturbing horror with undertones of political science fiction, I might give you a spin myself. - If your up for it of course.

Of course! Send it over when it’s ready :slight_smile:

Will it have an apocalyptic (or post-apocalyptic) theme? Sorry for the hijack, but I had to ask.

Pre-apocalyptic actually. It’s the third part of a short story series in which the apocalypse (kind of) took place in the 1st book in the future. The second part then went back to 2013 and basically just developed a couple of new characters. The third part then takes place in between 2013 and 2017 and again introduces a new character.

It sounds a bit mixed up but each book can actually be read as a standalone short story and (so far) can be read in any order. Also, there’s no time travel or anything spacey involved.

Still a way to go until it’s ready, though… Especially with writing every day about why you should buy used cars from certain generic dealers in Brisbane, and why it’s just silly not to have maid insurance in Singapore.

I have this client who wants a refund after I delivered the complete products. He claims that I wasn’t “interactive enough” . I took your advice and raised a support ticked. I am leaving it on fiverr support team now. The order is worth $140. I previously used to cancel order worth more than that.

Thanks for the advice and sorry for that day :slight_smile: I was immature and frustrated due to a few personal reasons. :slight_smile:


No big deal bro, there are two organizations I support - RSS and Indian Army. And you are from one of them :slight_smile: One of my best clients is a retired Indian Army colonel turned internet entrepreneur based in Pune.

Fantastic :smiley:

Well, if you want to PM me when it’s done it sounds like a series I would read. :slight_smile:

“But the author asked for a cancellation saying I changed the flow of some of the paragraphs and that there were too many errors…”

Interesting how buyer “found” errors, and “knows” about them, but yet he wanted your services lol.
Or he/she opened file with MS word and saw bunch of underlined words in it. As that means “error” in word, so probably that was problem.

Or most common here is that buyer just wanted free work…

No, there were no underlined words on MS Word…I make sure of that…she just wanted free work :slight_smile:

There could be underlined words, if their MS Word settings are not the same as yours.

Possible, that’s why I never fight refund requests when it comes to proofreading. You can never win.

The whole Fiverr thing is based on goodwill…if someone wants to take advantage of that - whether it’s a seller or a buyer - there’s little anyone can do. But most people are really good and honest, I feel. My good experiences on Fiverr by far outnumber the bad. Fiverr wouldn’t be what it is today and supported so many of us if the overwhelming majority of the people here - buyers and sellers - weren’t the good sort.

As catwriter said, there can be underlined words. Especially if they have different language in MS Word. Then almost all words are underlined lol

You say you ran it through proof reading tools but those things are from accurate, which begs the question, did you solely rely on them or use your own judgement? :confused:

That’s disrespectful. Just click on my profile and check my reviews.