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Was I wrong ? Please Answer

Okay Today I had a Fairly Bad Experience my first one on Fiverr! I joined Fiverr around the 13th of This Month , And I’ve made 9 Sales Already and Got Awesome 5 Stars Reviews for my work , even got a tip! But to give you some short insight before continuing , I am a Songwriter , I’ve taken classes just for this profession! I have 5 almost 6 Years Experience writing Lyrics in all Genres , I completed over 200 Songs alone in 2015 for Myself and clients. I’ve received maybe 3 Negative comments / Reviews in my 5 Years
(NOT ON FIVERR) And it was due to bad communication on the buyers part. I have 2 Indie awards for Songwriting its not only my job but my passion! I have established a name for myself in Ohio and with my client’s!

Well Here’s what happened today , So I received a message from a woman (I will not say her name) And she started the conversation out in a decent manner , Asking me to write her a Song About Empowered women and Them Being in charge now. I had no problem doing so and also told her this was an amazing idea. So she said " I want 3 Verses , Bridges and 8 Lines in each Verse and bridge." She also asked for an additional services. She wanted this all for $5 and completed in 24hours. And I began to explain to her that my $5 Gig Included a full Verse (Sometimes I write a single Verse that exceeds 2 minutes long if asked for) , My Gig Extras include , Hook & Verse $10 and a Full Custom Song for $15. For my skill set this price is very very reasonable and my past 4 Clients on Fiverr were shocked I was charging so low for The quality of work I provide. I think my prices are very reasonable due to my Experience level and the amount of detail I put into my work but anyways She proceeded to tell me , " I can get a full song with Radio quality Lyrics and the ownership to them for $5" I simple told her My Lyrics and Songwriting skills are of Top Notch and my prices are very reasonable , she proceeded to tell me that Even though I am talented with my skills She wants the work done for $5. I offered to do the full song for $15 and Give her free promotion , (I include Copywrite ownership in my $5 Gig , if I write you any type of Lyrics you own them even the $5 gig) she Continued to try to put me down and Force me to lower my prices when my Gig Clearly states my Gig prices for each type of Lyrics and services provided. I nicely told her if she can find a Songwriter that is willing to do that work for $5 Then I recommend buying from them and told her have a very nice day.

Was I wrong for not lowering my prices and meeting her needs? As stated before I’ve taken paid courses and have multiple Years Experience along with Awards and Hundreds of sales outside of Fiverr , My prices are very reasonable! But still I feel like I did something wrong? Please tell me if I was right to stand my ground and be nice or if I should have lowered them for her!

This is my FIVERR Profile With my Reviews and gigs —>

Please comment below and let me know what you think of this situation thank you fellow fivver users! I hope you all are having a good day/night and I wish you all the best with your gigs :)!

No, she was just cheap. Next time say those are your rates and if they don’t want to pay, there’s the door. Or something similar. Her trying to make you feel bad is just manipulative behavior, not to mention abusive. You dodged a bullet and likely a bad review!

Always stand your ground.

In fact, with your skills, I would have rejected her after all her rudeness in verse. Twist that little knife…

I can tell you are a true artist from this post…emotional, sincere, passionate…good luck at Fiverr!

And yeah, as @emmaki said, stand your ground. Don’t allow anyone to take advantage of you. All the best.

Thank you for Replying ! All your points are very Valid and true! Also thank you for the Great advice Emmaki! I wish you the Best of Luck and success on Fiverr!

Thank You for your kind Words and Encouragement Writer99025 , You are Very right ! Wish the best of luck to you also! Have a great day!

No problem :slight_smile:

“she Continued to try to put me down and Force me to lower my prices” I would have stopped all communications with her. As soon as someone is rude or demanding cheap work all messaging on my part ends.

Exactly! I ended The Conversation with Kindness she Continued but I ignored her , It is a lesson learned now!

No you were not wrong, never sell yourself short.
In fact I find $ 15 for a song pretty cheap as well.
A basic gig is a basic gig and you can not expect the world for only $ 5.
I would have let her know exactly the same.

You did the right thing by being polite, and declining the job. Plus people like that would also be unhappy with what you provide so even if you have decided to do the job for 5$ you would have gotten a lot of grief in the process. I wouldn’t say it was a bad experience, you just have all sorts of people. When I first started as a seller, I had people want a lot for very little, and I did bend over backwards for a review, but as I grew as a seller on here, I don’t devalue my services. People ask me if I can do it, I review the amount of work and provide a price, you don’t like my price then find someone else, clear as day.

Thank you very much! Awesome point of view! Have a great day maartenvs

Very Well put , Thank you for your Wisdom and Amazing words! I wish you the best of success on Fiverr have a great day palabara! Thanks again.