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Was just curious about some things


Hi there fellow Fiverrs,

As you might remember, I posted my introduction on the forum a couple of days ago. I was blown away by all the warm welcomes and greetings. I loved to interact with the other sellers here. All this on just one simple text post. Amazing.

So, I had this doubt actually that I wanted to put forth. The impressions and views on my Gigs have not changed at all over the last three or four days. All I wanted to know is whether this is normal. Am I supposed to wait or am I doing something wrong?

It would be really amazing to know your thoughts on this.

Thank you,



Dear Anir:

I used to point questions like yours to a post that explained that impressions and views are a meaningless statistic, but with the new Forum that message has disappeared.

I suggest you concern yourself more with sales.

Take advantage of the Buyer Requests Feature.

Use Social Media to publicize your gigs.
Make videos in which you talk to the camera.

Good luck,


Probably a lot of people will tell you a lot about those impressions and how to get more, I can´t offer any of that, but maybe it can be a ‘consolation’ that I literally never bothered to even really look at my gig impressions and views and still got level 1 seller after a month and level 2 after two, and did and do get orders. Surely it´s a good thing to see to it that one´s impressions are high though, I don´t mean with that that you shouldn´t bother. :slight_smile:
Then there are often bugs, IIRC there was some thread about no impressions showing for December, as having been a bug or something, for instance.

Blaise absolutely has a point with trying to make use of the BR section.


Don’t waste your time getting hung up on statistics, especially as there are so many bugs, or things we can’t know or influence, in the Fiverr algorithms.

Like @miiila, I never looked at my impressions, clicks and views. I too got level 2 in a couple of months. I did that by concentrating on getting my gigs set up just right and using buyer requests.


Hi Blaise,

Thank you for that extensive reply. I am grateful for your enthusiasm to help this new guy out. I actually did take a look into the Buyer Requests category and it had a handful of requests. Some were in languages in which I have no proficiency; and the others were not in categories that pertained to my expertise. However, I now understand the importance of keeping an eye out for the section. Thank you for that heads up.

I need to invest some time in recording myself. So yeah, I am working on that. Thank you for pointing that out.

Good luck to you too,



Thanks miiila. Always to the rescue I see :slight_smile:. Yes, I have definitely started checking out that section more after this post. However, not much has really shown up on there. But let’s keep our hopes up. In any case, I just wanted to know if anything abnormal was happening to my statistics alone. Obviously, that is not the case.

For now, I will just concentrate on improving my gigs I guess.

Thank you,



Thanks @capitalquality,

Yes, your opinion seems to be the general one around the forum. Thank you for pointing out that the stagnant impressions are not that important.

I am trying to improve my Gigs. Maybe if I play around more, I will get better at it.

Thank you,



Dear Neil:

See one, do one, teach one.

I invite you to do what I do and offer feedback to Sellers who ask for help via the Forum.

I look at gigs with the eye of a proofreader. When I joined Fiverr, I studied the “Style Guide” and then proceeded to make recommendations in two broad areas:

  1. English grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  2. Best practices for Fiverr as I understand them

This practice helps me to discipline myself to look at lots of profiles and lots of gigs.

I’m not a copy writer, so I don’t attempt to improve people’s copy, other than with broad suggestions.

If you were to look at these gigs with the eye of a writer, you might actually be able to make some of these gig descriptions shine.

Then you can point Buyers to samples of your writing in the Fiverr Forum.

In so doing, you might develop a “Write Your Gig Copy” gig down the road, and you might find inspiration for a gig that you had not previously considered.

Good luck,