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Was my transaction complete?


I got my first offer, but after the second one I suspect that something is wrong with the first job I submitted because, I received a notification which I did not receive for the first order, and I saw “offer accepted” which I did not see on the first offer, I also see a countdown notice which was not on the first offer.
Please I’ve I really transact?
If the answer is no please what can I do?


Can you share one screenshot because I’m not really sure if I am understanding you well!

But countdown is when buyer offer and that’s for delivery time you need to complete job before time end!

So I think your order it’s OK but to be sure please share an screenshot and I will see your order status!



If the first one had no count down, how did you deliver the final output?? The count down is a ticking bomb, if it reaches 00.00 before you deliver, then your account will explode. If you don’t see a count down then there is no order and you don’t get any money.


Just as I suspected.
But what can I do to that now, because I sent the buyer an AI file and a transparent file. Any solution?


How I submitted it?
I sent it through the inbox (fiverr).


Through the inbox as an attached file😩
Any solution please? :scream:


Contact him and send custom offer and he we order you for your work!

But don’t use inbox to deliver work next time, because buyer can get your work and you will not get order!


I’m very grateful.
Never knew hanging out with fellow sellers on the fiverr forum is so important, educating and fantastic.
Thanks to you all.


The solution is that you gave the work for free, the buyer can decide to pay or keep the work without paying. If you had agreed on a price send them an offer so that they can pay. I had a buyer who I delivered work through the inbox then refused to pay. So I decided to trick them by telling them that the files I had sent were missing the root files that stabilize the whole process. There were no such things as root file… So the buyer asked me to send them to her. I told her to pay for the order first. So she paid marked the order as complete and then I told. "You know what, I just realized I had sent you all the files needed, so there is no need for anything additional "


The name really fits, you’re a genius.


My buyer really cooperate,
Thank you very much, I’m grateful.


Next time make sure the buyer pays first and always deliver in the order section not the inbox


It worked, but she’s nice that’s why, your advice saves me my first pay since November.
I’m very grateful.


Thanks a lot, I have learnt my lessons.