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Was this always there? Money Back Guarantee thread


I was checking one of my gigs and saw this above the packages. I don’t remember seeing this there until now. It does have a link mentioning the conditions in which you can get your money back as a buyer:

"Money Back Guarantee" the new threat

That must be something new:

The Money Back Guarantee is applicable when:
Your order wasn’t delivered.
The delivery you received didn’t match the service described or the requirements agreed upon with the freelancer.


@andaluzia Can you take a screenshot of it above your packages? I looked at your gigs and didn’t see it.


Wait! I am not at home right now. It should be on the right exactly above the gigs. It might not be available for everyone yet? That is why I was asking. I don’t remember being there last week.


Hmm, interesting! :thinking:

I’m sure the money back guarantee has always been in place. However, the statement showed on the gig itself must be new. I’m not seeing this on my end - slow rollout, perhaps?


This is the first I’ve heard of any money back guarantee.


I just searched the ToS money back guarantee and nothing is popping up. Why wouldn’t this be included? Unless I overlooked it.


Because it is brand new.


Right! I guess it’s time for a ToS update. :smile:


I was looking for a gif of a can of worms. :slight_smile:

Imagine what this will do to cancellation rates when buyers find out about this.


It’s not new that a buyer will have is money back if the order is not delivered or if the order is cancelled if the material delivered doesn’t match with the requirements or the description.

Fiverr has just decided to higlight this with appealing words !


It’s quite a thing to make sure all buyers know they can get refunds and it is being promoted heavily now, especially if it is not in the terms of service. Imagine an increase in false claims… increase in cancellations that are unjust.


The can of worms :bug: sounds about right.

What’s covered by the Money Back Guarantee policy?
The Money Back Guarantee policy protects you in case you don’t receive your order, or the delivery didn’t comply with the agreed upon order requirements and described service. For the complete details, please refer to the terms of service.

Buyers can easily weave false tales. Any guarantees for Sellers?


So we need to be absolutely positively careful and complete in what we say they are going to get.

Every seller needs to be completely and minutely specific about what the buyer will be getting.


It can convince new customers to try this platform and place an order for the first time.

But on the other hand, it reminds to not honest customers that they can try false claims.

I think that I will put an info on this money back guarantee in my FAQ !


That is a good idea and if you want to you can suggest how we should word it.

I have never made any mention of a money back guarantee because I have never given a refund aside from one or two when I first started. I do not want anyone to be thinking they will “try it out” and then ask for a refund.

It sounds like a scamming buyer’s delight and is especially dangerous for sellers now that cancellations count so much.


I totally agree :100:% + making sure the requirements sections are ALWAYS up to par - extra padding cannot hurt.


Very simple… personaly, I won’t play with words (because my english is far from perfect). I will only copy-paste what is written on Fiverr website ! There won’t be any discussion…


What is written seems to encourage buyers to find any excuse to demand a refund even if they have to fabricate something.


Nah… I won’t be adding this tidbit to my FAQs, they can read it/find it on the website.