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"Was this response helpful?"

Logged in this morning to respond to a message and saw this:

How do I answer and why would I bother? If I say “thank you” to a buyer and they respond, this question doesn’t apply. Makes me wonder what Fiverr intends to do with this information. :thinking:


I truly hope Fiverr won’t use this new feature to punish/penalize sellers when they don’t provide a response that isn’t what a potential buyer expected.

Imagine if a buyer asks me something, I tell them I don’t do that, and they click on “No”, as in ‘it wasn’t helpful’ - where would that leave me? :scream:

For now, this feature seems like a nightmare for sellers when dealing with problem users or buyers :frowning:

Instead of quickly replying to a user, now I have to measure every word I write so that I don’t upset the user with a response they don’t like :angry: Private Feedback + This = Big Brother? :neutral_face:


My thoughts exactly. My biggest issue with it is the example you gave: When we tell a buyer (however politely) that we don’t offer a service, of course they’re going to click No whether they’re being rude or not, that’s just the thought process they’ll have when they don’t get the answer they need.

As a seller, it was asking me to rate the response of one of my buyers, so I wonder if they’re going to try and apply it to a buyer’s “stats” as well? I think the best thing Fiverr can do for the platform is show a buyer’s overall rating so sellers know what they’re getting into.


maybe this is to take actions on SPAMMERS and FAKE ACCOUNTS so that conversation can be reported ASAP

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Conversations can already be reported immediately using the report button :wink:

but you cannot report on each response :stuck_out_tongue:

Potential new stats I see from this feature:

  • Seller Helpfulness %
  • User Stubbornness %
  • Ability to Convert via Inbox % (Users to Buyers, Buyers to Regular Buyers)

Feel free to debate on this with new ideas.

And if they correlate this with the “private buyer feedback”, it could turn out a total nightmare for good sellers dealing with troublesome buyers :confused:

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I hope I never see this anywhere on my profile. I thought a 2-hour response time was enough.

@Woofy31 Are you seeing this option as well or am I just a guinea pig for features like this?


My gut is it will all work out in the wash.

Let’s say you answer 100 times over a few months, you will have some buyers who say “no” you were not helpful, and most will say nothing or “yes”.

If I’m the management team, I ignore everybody unless their stats are way outside the norm.

If 50% of the people rate my responses “not helpful” and everybody else in my category has 10% rating them poorly, clearly I’m doing something wrong.

Alternately if 20% rate me “yes” and my category only has 10% of yes ratings average, then I am doing something better than most.

We will all have some buyers who are wrong for us and rate us poorly. In my mind it’s all about the average and how we do related to our peers.

Fiverr doesn’t have time to monitor every person who says I’m not helpful, but if the trend is that way, then I would expect them to pay attention.

Conversely, if more of your buyers say you were helpful compared to others in your category, it should help you stand out.

Just another data point Fiverr needs to help figure out which sellers are really doing a great job. Star ratings are just part of the picture.

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Many users contact me because they misunderstand what I do and obviously I cannot do what they ask me to, and these count for over 70% of messages (e.g. I do SEO reports, but people think I do actual SEO and ask me to do that instead, and obviously I tell them I don’t do that and can’t help them - was my response helpful? Duh, no, for I can’t help them)

Surely it wouldn’t be fair to put me in bad light because of people’s ignorance or lack of attention when looking at my gigs :confused: (see the never-ending problem with buyers not reading gig descriptions/titles)

I wonder what happens if Fiverr deems a seller to be doing something wrong… is this another method of getting rid of some sellers? :thinking:

No, I’m not seeing it… no surprise since lately I’ve been benched from getting any new features :smirk:

Maybe Fiverr thinks there is not enough pressure on sellers already…

I respectfully disagree. Good sellers all have to deal with some troublesome buyers. It’s just part of an open market.

The more I sell, the better I get at it, but I had someone this last weekend tell me how “unprofessional” I was when I suggested I wasn’t qualified to do a revision request they wanted. (I offered a mutual cancellation.)

It was a very complex language case of switching between native pronunciation and American accent. Because I thought I couldn’t do it as needed, I offered a cancellation rather than butcher the job. (I’ll be amazed if they find someone who can do exactly as they want, because it is way outside the norm.)

They didn’t like that… so I’m sure they rated me poorly on this one. Life… (My averages and repeat buyers are super high, but there are a few in every crowd.)

Again: We all have a few troublesome buyers, and no matter who the seller is, they will have some along the way. I can’t see it making any difference UNLESS we have far more than our peers.

The first thing that popped to mind was the case of sellers who are abused by buyers coming from outside bad forums where they talk about how to get free work from Seller X, how to rip them off, etc. (there’s someone in this forum who’s been and still is a target of malicious people, and even I found myself years ago mentioned on another forum on how to get my work for free by tricking me in all sorts of ways)

I have NO idea, but do all your peers in your category have the same issue? If they do, no problem. If most of your similar selling peers are having the same issue, you’re fine.

It’s possible others are wording their gigs differently, or have better/worse titles. (I have NO idea. Yours may be perfect!)

We all have some who don’t read, but again: When people constantly order the wrong thing from me, I change my wording, AND evaluate what the top sellers in my category are doing.

I’m NOT saying you are doing anything wrong. As long as your peers have the same issue (In theory, if they are not reading your gigs, they are asking the same ignorant questions of other sellers at your level…)

The question is: Are your peers handling it better or worse than you? (A question I can’t answer.)

The other question: Is there anything you can do to reduce that number from 70% to 60 or 50%? Reword gig title, description, etc. (Again: I’m asking the question… I have NO idea about your category and how others are handling this issue.)

This is just insane. The amount of sheer human garbage and abuse I have to tread through in my inbox is hideous. Now Fiverr is going to allow that garbage to rate how I respond even if they don’t make an order?

What is going to kill Fiverr sooner rather than later, is the fact that it has fast become the only freelance platform in the world, the only real prerogative of which is to wage a needless and relentless war against its user base,


…and what about those users who don’t understand from your first “No” that you can’t help them, and they keep on contacting you and possibly rating each and every of your responses as being not helpful? :confused: That’s a sure way to abuse this feature

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Why surely you don’t mean people like this:


I’m confused. Who is rating whom? For what?

I thought those were for me as a seller to click to rate the buyer’s response and have tried to ignore them as I don’t want to do that.

Are you saying these are for the buyer to rate the seller’s response?

Are we going to see it when we get rated or is this another secret grading of us sellers that only fiverr sees?

Why are we being graded, reported on and reviewed to death now multiple times?


Because if you’re not a Pro seller, you’re a scandalous miscreant who spends every day dragging Fiverr down.

Or at least that is how it increasingly feels.


Yes it’s become a culture of making sellers feel like scum who need to be watched and reported on continually to see if they are doing bad wrong things. Now we are being graded on our helpfulness in our answers. Is there no end?

It makes us look bad to our clients! It shows fiverr can’t trust us to our buyers.


On a platform where every buyer is as infallible as a saint and should be treated as such, even when they ask to see pictures of your feet.