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Was this rude and uncooperative?

Just wondering. I received a negative feedback on one of my paused gigs for this response. It said I was rude and uncooperative. This is because it took me around 3 days to deal with the modification. I think it is fair to say that they should have included the information properly to begin with. I may have been a little bit snappy, but nothing that would result in negative feedback. I mean, when somebody thinks that they can change their spec after delivery I have a right to be…particularly when it involves a complete re-write of an article. My comment about the ‘informative’ part was the fact that they wanted close to 20 or so points fitted into a single 500 word article. They would not have been happy unless I managed that. This means I can dedicate 25 words to each point. Not ideal when my work is more ‘free-flowing’. I don’t write lists.

“That would involve a complete rewrite of both articles :(. I was never told that I had to follow the layout of the articles in the references otherwise I would have done. Thankfully the articles I wrote were informative, although sadly I can only fit so much into 500 words. But hey, if I have to rewrite then I have little choice. Just wish that the information about following that format was mentioned at the beginning because now it is around one hour a work for $3.92! Oh well.

My next two days are packed to the brim with orders (like, 20 hours a day of writing), but I will slot you in as soon as I can (many of the orders due in the next 2 days were ordered before your one, although I delivered yours first as it was slightly simpler)



I meant to put this in ranting pot :frowning:

Oh well. Turns out I got the negative feedback because I should have understood what they wanted because every other writer has. Although I read the content they got from other writers and it was not good…at all. Just a list of bullet points with no explanation. Oh well. Earning 0.98 cents an article it is.


It seems like your customer was over-demanding & asking for an unreasonable amount of data points in one 500-word article, however you’ve been around the Fiverr block long enough to know that some people are easier to deal with than others~

We’ve all had times when we’re too stressed, tired or whatever and resorted to a “snappy” response when good business practice might suggest we just smile (through gritted teeth!). I’m sorry you got a negative review out of it, but from the customer’s POV he didn’t get what he wanted (even if he didn’t articulate what that was very well).

IMO, your response to the customer wasn’t unreasonable.

celticmoon said: It seems like your customer was over-demanding & asking for an unreasonable amount of data points in one 500-word article, however you've been around the Fiverr block long enough to know that some people are easier to deal with than others~

Thankfully I get very few of them nowadays. From time to time I get people who say "write an article on the 25 best weight loss tips" and one on "25 best ways to eat honey" (or something like that). They are going to get an article that says:

"5 Best Weight Loss Tips"


"5 Best Ways to Eat Honey"

And they are going to be lucky if I go into more depth than "eat your honey with a spoon" or "eat the honey whilst hanging upside down like a bat"

It is just...blah. People fail to appreciate how little 500 words is. If I know what I am writing about then I will dedicate 15 minutes to each order. If the subject interests me then people may get 1,000 words out of a single article so that I can fit in everything I want to say. If people make unreasonable demands for content then they can just...I have no idea. It is not like 2 x 500 word articles for $5.00 is a bad deal to begin with. They get fairly decent content for less than the price of a Subway (which I am craving right now, but sadly there is no Subway for close to 300 miles, dammit)

Don’t worry… You can complete my order last :wink:

You seem to be a very hard working person… I love the way you handle things

() () () () (*)

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

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I offer customized flash games, some of the gigs offer photoshopping their images and pictures into the games, others just offer putting their clickable logos or business names into the games, but I very often get clients that order the gig and then ask for complete GUI and color re-tooling or brand new sprite work that could take a few days to create by hand or pixel by pixel. I have recently started re-iterating the limitations of the gigs in the “please provide me with…” message after they order a gig, just so they know not to ask for $300+ in extra game development for their $5 gig.

However, there are a few times when the clients ask for something that I think will make an excellent addition/feature to the games I provide and I do the extra work to enhance my current product for future use. There are a few times where my extra work was recognized with the purchase a gig that expected no product… just a thank you message.

I get that every once in a while but I was able to get it straight before delivering. There was one exception. I had a client who submitted their script and I delivered according to their script. They requested a modification and went on to lecture me about not using proper English. I told them I copied and pasted what was in their script and their response was “I ASSUME YOU WOULD DO IT CORRECTLY”. Yea, lets all assume that the seller can read your mind and is able to cover up a lazy buyers attempt at following simple instructions. What was worse, this buyer was a seller who should of known better. Needless to say, I cancelled the gig. She was rude and lazy…so I cancelled and told her it was best she found someone else to do her work.

I let customer support look at it ‘blind’ without me describing the situation to them. I just said look at the feedback.

It has now gone.

Good! Glad to hear that…(and still thinking about eating honey while hanging upside down…I wonder if my nostrils will catch the drips!!!) :bz

celticmoon said:
  • Good! Glad to hear that....(and still thinking about eating honey while hanging upside down.....I wonder if my nostrils will catch the drips??!!) :bz

I would eat honey far too quick for it to even start to drip. I love it far too much :(