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Was wondering how trustrworthy is a buyer and how reliable is an order

I just had a bad experience with a “buyer”.

What do we have to do in order to stay secure?
any ideas???

Maybe your buyer went outside and met a real person to talk to? I heard it still happens occasionally.

As for how you stay secure, a buyer places an order and you deliver it. Any transactions you make outside of Fiverr are illegal and completely unprotected so I don’t really understand what your problem is? Maybe you could elaborate a little further?

Someone that Id really like to say his name but I wont- after our chat – literally dissapeared. After one or two days he had even delete his account in fiverr…

This was a shock for me…
What do we have to do in order to stay secure?

I’m confused. What did you want him to do after your chat? Isn’t he allowed to leave fiverr if he wants to? If he was a buyer who bought your gig, when the gig is delivered,
then what was he supposed to do? I’m sorry but I don’t understand?
Usually after you deliver a gig, that is the end of the relationship.
Did he promise you more?

This user is no longer etc.

I bet it’s the Skype stuff.

You think the buyer got banned for using Skype? But she is still here.

She seems to be a saucy salamander this one. I particulary like this line from her gig description:

“We’ll chat everything u want. We can translate and remove your stress. Even the most top secrets and extra ordinary fetishes.”

In this case, maybe there was some emotional attachment thing happened.

That’s really weird, when I clicked on the name I got redirected to the main page with the user is no longer blah blah blah. Now she’s back.

Yeah, I’m having weird disappearing order attachments at the mo. They reappear magically later. In this case, I’ve just came to the logical conclusion that parts of Fiverr have been fading in and out of reality over the past week. Maybe that’s the case here.

Hi, please ask customer support.

I wonder if it’s my imagination or the gigs are written in code.:

I’m actually more worried about this part:

“Lets analyze your children and the adult inside u!”

I wouldn’t let this person analyze my toaster never mind my children.


Well, you (and others) are analyzing her…a bit too much…let it go, there are a lot of people who struggle in our world, we struggle too, the least we can do is not to mock them, despite their obvious imperfections.

How the mention of spellcasters in the gig description relates to chatting on skype I’m not sure.

I didn’t check her Gigs, I have no interest in checking…it just hurts me when someone, anyone is insulted/mocked/bullied or whatever, because I’ve been subjected to such things in the past.

The gig description slanders the entire category of spellcasters for no particular reason related to the gig.

Well, you can take up that with her directly, or complain to customer support. I don’t know. No reason to bring up the other things.

You are absolutely correct.

oh no… I meant he canceled the order and he deleted his account…he did not pay me…

they sent me this in my mail
after delivering my order…

Hi aleka_petreli1,

Your buyer, tahir_59, has requested your consent to cancel order FO8A49815A08 - ‘I will chat live in skype with u for your issue for $5’.

Review the reason for this cancellation here.

The Fiverr Team