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Was working on fiverr for 2 years and suddenly no orders no messages and not showing on the search result

please hear me so i did the search by title for a similar gig to mine of a other account and it show normally on the first line of the first page but when i write of my best seller gig i dont find it in any of the pages and in the first line irrelevant gig to the search
how this possible ??? plus my gig have more reviews and orders than them all and not showing even with the title which is very specific “I will feature your art in our page Instagram” i search that and i find sculpture drawing gig which have no sence to what i search ?? please i m 3 weeks without any message or order and income
please its a serious system bag help me


This problem of mine for 4 weeks, my gig was always in the first row of the first page but now it is on the last page, even after talking about Fiverr support I can’t find any solution.


Search for unique and low search value keywords and add your gig title, also share your gig on social media.

How to find best keywords

I daily promote my gig on facebook groups but i don’t get any messages and orders

Search on Fiverr and also share your gig on All social media.


If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

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same now my gig on the last page even if i wrote the title of it and in the first page gigs irrelevand and nothing to do with what i searched for plus they have no reviews and my gig with many possitive reviews on last page ???
i means how this is possible ??