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WASSUHH, I'm new to Fiverr!

Hi! My name is Corinna. My nicknames are Cori and Reori.

I’ve been selling digital art for around 3 years now, but have only joined Fiverr today. I’m 15, farrrrr from being a professional. I do hope my work is still appreciated, though!

During my free time I like to play League of Legends and read about philosophy and social studies. I hope to become a concept artist for a certain video game company some day…

Thanks for having me here!!


Welcome to Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to fiverr forum!
I wish you the best of experience :slight_smile:

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Hi, @reorie
Welcome to fiver forum.
Have a good day
Thank you

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Thank you for welcoming me! :smile:

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Welcome friend :slight_smile: great to have you here.

Welcome to fiverr …

Welcome to fiverr Forum. And wish you all the best.

Welcome to fiverr and fiverr forum.
All the best .

Thank you for the warm welcome!

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Welcome to Community!! I hope you enjoy your stay here at the forum

:heart_eyes:Welcome to the forum .I wish you the best of experience .Have a good day