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Waste of my time? Unresponsive people


Anyone else having issues getting people to respond to requests? Everyone on here seems to use the “contact me first” BS to skirt the rules… ok no problem. I go through the trouble to upload all of my content to Dropbox, share it, describe the project then nothing. No quote. This is crap.


You could check average response times before deciding on a seller. That could give you an idea about when your message will be responded to. For example, if a seller has an average response time of 2-3 hours, you’d probably get a quote pretty quickly.

Also, check out new sellers (maybe with a couple of reviews if you prefer) whose work samples you like and ask for a quote. They generally tend to reply faster as they might not be so bogged down with requests.


Let me respond in the same manner as you. Good sellers are busy and if you upload something that is not useful, beyond their expertise or are asking for $100 worth of work for $5, they may not want to do your gig. My question is, did you read the gig instructions and comply? If you didn’t, they may not reply thinking if he can’t follow gig instructions I don’t want to waste my time. So maybe, just maybe, the reason for no response is you.

As a seller myself, out of the many, many, many, many messages I may get in a day, I respond to polite buyers who read my gig instructions and are not trying to get $100 worth of gig for $5. Otherwise, my time is as valuable as yours. Respect works both ways.

As far as contact us first – tell me – would like to order a gig with no contact before ordering and it turns out the seller can’t do your gig so he has to cancel and you lose your processing fee?

If there is a cancellation, Fiverr will not refund the processing fee. I tell buyers to contact me first to ensure I can do their gig for that reason. I hate cancellations but if you order and it turns out I can’t do your gig, I have no choice but to cancel.

I find that most buyers who order and ignore gig instructions are trying to get away with not paying what the gig is worth – hoping they can get $100 worth for $5.


What’s with the “contact me first is BS”? As a seller I always put the option because I believe it helps the buyer more than me. It helps you to know if you can get exactly what you want, which is always better than buying a gig and then cancelling it.

Also, technically as a seller not having that options saves me time, because I can start working right away. I go through the extra trouble of additional exchanges just to assure a quality experience to the buyer.

If a seller doesn’t respond, it’s his fault. Let’s not generalize here.


That might be due to the current availability of the seller. Some of the sellers your’re contacting might already be inactive. I suggest looking into the deliveries of the gig, feedback or the delivery of the seller to check for recent activities. Should you find that the sellers last activity has been quite a while past, it might be a good idea to contact different seller.


We are constantly trying to improve our message speeds. We get about 200 message a day! So when you think it takes a long time to get a response, remember that QUALITY sometimes has DEMAND.


I agree with you. I had the same problem at first, but,

I quickly learned that New Sellers want your orders.

I now send a post and say, "Do you have time to work on a gig?

And I send that same post to several to see who will respond quickly.

Busy Sellers don’t seem to have time to respond or have too many gigs to work on.

“Request a Gig” is really good, too, You will have lots of responses.

I used to look to see how many gigs are in the queue.

If they have more than 4-5 gigs in a queue, I look elsewhere.

What ever happened to the queues? I don’t see it any more.

Please bring back the queues. thanks.


As other sellers stated here we got many emails that go to our inbox, please try to polite contact the seller, read all the instructions on the gig you are interested in and wait for him(her to review all of your content. Quality sellers take time to review what you are sending to us, evaluate schedules and budgets and we answer after that, specially for big projects that need to have an eye on material.