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Waste of time and disrespect

Hey, i just want to share with you guys my first order experince on this website. I ordered a package for twitch from a guy that we are not allowed to say the name because its against the rules but the sellers seems to be allowed to behave the way they want be disrespectfull and waste people’s time. I saw one of his designs that got me and i told him i wanted something that stands out like that one. i will make the story short to not bore you guys with it. after 5 days of waiting he came up with a design that was already sold to another person ( the logo ) and nothing like what i had told him. But wanted to give him another chance to remake it but instead he canceled the order! This guy have lack of communicate and respect for other’s time.

Have fun take care people.


You need to remove the username of the seller as naming and shaming buyers and sellers is not allowed on the forum.


so what kind of respect do we get from this page as a customer!? the seller can behave the way they want and waste people’s time!

Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling buyers/sellers out by username.

The above is from the forum rules which we all have to follow.

Here is the link: Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020


i can remove the name but does this page have respect for the people who come here and get their time wasted by people here!?


Best to remove the name before the community flags your post.

Your experience can then be discussed.


The point of this page is to give buyers tips, not call out sellers. This problem should be reported to customer support, not here.

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Fiverr is a market place just like any other. Portfolios can be faked. Usually when Fiverr noticed that or someone reports it they get removed from the platform, but unfortunately a lot manage to slip through.

There are a lot of key points to spot someone who has no skills that he/she claims to have.

Also the communication is key.

In your case you got your money back but you wasted time, and I agree that is not fair.

But unfortunately that is just part of the business.