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Waste of time, but luckily, not of money

Wanted to rant about something that happened, and ask whether I’ve lost my processing fee

Basically, I ordered an App for Android and for iPhone. Was promised 15 day delivery. On the 15th day, I get a notepad file with a basic looping code, and the guy asks for in-app purchasing database from me. Granted, I probably should have prepared for this, but asking me on the last day was ridiculous. Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of Unity knows that if he’s asking this on the last day, he has not worked on the game. He then asked me for my Ad ID for the game, which I gave, and decided to cancel the in-app purchasing bit, thus, making the order easier.

This, btw, is ignoring the fact that I had agreed to do a custom order for about a 100$ more BECAUSE he was offering In-App purchasing. However, thinking of it as my fault, I decided to let the seller off. (Though he should have intimated that he needed a database earlier, and I’m not sure why I should make the database when I’m paying someone to make the app, but never had an app made for me before so let it slide). However, crucially, I reverted back for revision. I had to this 2-3 times more, when he asked some questions about what we needed in the App. Again, weird, he could have messaged me without saying order complete, and a part of me felt he wanted us to ignore for a few days and get it accepted…

Anyway, 15 more days pass, and I ask for an update, and he tells me he’s at a village, so can’t arrange a Mac. I have seen zero of the App that was supposedly being made, and I told him I’d cancel. To his credit, he did refund my money (Though I doubt he had a choice there), but I’m pissed off at losing a month of the time I had to arrange this app for our company, and also a waste of the processing fee. I’m also wondering if our app idea is being stolen, but it’s not like it’s something revolutionary… but still.

Basically, what annoyed me most was that the guy’s English did put me off, and I wasn’t sure about him, but I thought that he was a Pakistani (Same as me), and most of us don’t really speak English very well, and gave him the benefit of the doubt. And look where it got me, a month’s wasted time, and a waste of processing fee. I could give a review after cancellation, but I don’t see it showing up anywhere, so I guess it doesn’t even affect the guy. I’m starting to wonder whether it was a scam, and I got lucky, since the guy showed zero proof of any development at all on the App… but he is a Level 2 seller.

After the cancellation, you can only leave private feedback. It doesn’t show on the seller’s page, it’s for the Fiverr staff only. They will investigate him if it’s not the first time he did something like this, or if he does it again.

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An annoying experience I’ll bet. You can use your refund to place orders on Fiverr and you will not be charged a processing fee again. On the other hand, you can contact and request a refund to your original payment source if you prefer although you will not get the processing fee back.
The review you gave after cancellation will go to customer support who may check into what happened and if the seller acted inappropriately so it was worth doing, even if it is not seen publicly.


Thanks so, so much for clearing that up. So I guess I’ll use this refund and find a seller who I can trust this time. I got an email from Fiverr suggesting a few sellers who are offering the same gig, so if there’s no waste of processing fees, then I guess I can get it done.

What really annoys me is the month’s delay, but luckily, it’s a waste of me and my partner’s time, and not of some boss over me, so we can get over it. Glad we haven’t lost the processing fee at least :slight_smile:

Yeah, I understand that - time wasting is something as a buyer that you should take steps to avoid. I know myself that when there is an issue with time, seeking an extension etc, I am very clear on what deadline is acceptable and what isn’t. Often I don’t have a deadline and with people I buy from regularly, I tell them that and to take their time but for other things, stick to an agreed deadline.
Another method for larger orders is to set specific “milestones” so that a certain amount should be visibly complete at certain times. When it comes to an app or a website etc, this should be easier to do as there are separate parts to it. For other things it isn’t possible of course but when it is possible and you are working with a seller you have not used before, try split the project into a couple of parts.
Finally, someone marking an order as “Delivered” when there is nothing usable delivered is a big red flag and I would go straight to CS at that point and ask them to cancel the order. It may seem harsh but as per Fiverr ToS, things get a bit more complicated when an order is delivered and your suspicion about them hoping it would autocomplete was probably right - or if it wasn’t on this occasion, it is sometimes the case.
If the seller comes back and explains or something, you can always place the order again but to be honest, false deliveries should never be allowed, accepted or encouraged.


…and a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. A seller who does that repeatedly can get banned from Fiverr.


That’s definitely some food for thought for my next order. Will make it clear from the offset that I, at the very least, want screenshots for advertising the app and how it works, and for promotion. I was actually amazed at the 15 day thing, because I always found it hard to believe someone could complete the whole thing in 15 days, and so this time, I’ll see whether the time matches up to what I expect as well.

I didn’t know it was a violation of TOS, but if it is, I will definitely report the person

Interestingly, he has one gig with about 95% of his orders, and the one I bought has no ratings on it, and even the others have at most 1 or 2. I trusted the person because of his overall ratings, but this is definitely something I should have focused on. I marked, "Because I didn’t get what I ordered’ as my reason, so I guess Fiverr will check it regardless of if I try to further report him?

Here’s the link, read the ToS thoroughly! It’s not some boring legal speak, it’s pretty good at explaining how stuff works, what’s allowed, and what isn’t.

Here are some parts:

“Sellers must send completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Completed Work button (located on the Order page) to mark the order as Delivered.”

"Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

The seller uses the Delivery system to extend the delivery due date to complete the requested service without providing the final delivered service to buyers.
Note: Multiple reported offenses will result in permanent suspension of your account."