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Waste of time with the logo designer

Hello to everyone,

how many times should i tell a logo designer what i really want and need, and he is keep sending me completly diffferent what i want…

example i say…i want white and gold colors, i get black background…logo name completly different positions…

i complain nicely and tell him that and what do i get after few minutes? pink,black and gold…it is compelty time wasting to reply everytime and i feel like he is not even really interested to change the logo design into good one. the quality looks also very low, it looks like it is a work of 1 minute.

So my question is, how long is this procedure, when is the time he will accept, it is waste of time for all?

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Hi, if the seller is not getting your requirements correctly even after repeated instructions, then you can cancel the order and get the service from another seller.

No serously, i´m a guy who always be respectful and correct when it comes to making a deal and business…but this is for me just annoying.
it is like i´m going to a fish restaurant, order a salon fish and i get a pizza…

how can i do that by myself, to cancel it?

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You don’t have to go through this. On the order page, you will find the option to cancel the order through the resolution center.

thank you, i will try

  • Extend the delivery time
  • Ask the seller to provide a progress update for this order
  • Ask the seller to cancel this order

this are the only options for me

You can select the third option and tell the seller why you wish to cancel the order.

yes mate i´ve done this before 3 times…explained very well what happen and he offer me again and again, but something different from my wishes…

Please note: The order will be automatically cancelled on Nov 15, 07:04 PM if the seller doesn’t decline your request

this is the message at the end, so it looks like i dont have the power to cancel it, he have to agree first?!

If he not agreeing to cancel or do the work according to your instructions, then please contact the fiverr support for help.

thanks for your help, i will do that


There are 74,920 seller gigs for Logo Design. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: in finding one that fits your needs. :blush:

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Sorry for your bad experience. Hope you find a good gig.
All the best.