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Waste of time

I have tried the fivver service 3 times now and all 3 times the gigs have either been cancelled by the supplier . Basically because they cannot provide the service they advertise for $5.00 . Or not done in the time quoted and don’t reply to questions . My money is held in the fivver account and I can’t contact fivver what a scam and a waste of my time . Does anybody know how I can contact fivver and get my money out of there hands . I am over this scam . It’s sounds to good to be true and it is . Not being able to find any way to contact fivver is testement to the fact they don’t regulate sellers and don’t care they are just after our money with no care taken . Bunch of thieves should be called thievver

How are you choosing the sellers; ratings, reviews, etc? Fiverr certainly isn’t a scam site however there are some sellers as well as buyers that do bad things. There are lots of good sellers on this site that get overshadowed by events like this.

Utilize kjbynx’s information to get in touch with support.