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Wasted a week. Seller threatens to cancel


I am really confused and feel frustrated.
I have placed an order to the guy with whom I worked with already and was extremely happy last time.

He told me he is a little busy, but is till can place an order it will just take 1 extra day. On the date of when it was suppose to be done he told me its going to take a little longer because of the christmas - i said okay, i understand. He told me it will take few hours and he is working on my order already.

Today, which is 4 days after he was suppose to finish I asked him if he is going to finish today as he promised few hours (not few days) he sent me a cancelation request saying if can’t understand he is going to cancel. I told him that I already waited extra long time and if he cancel order it won’t do any good for me and I wasted lots of time for nothing.

He sent me another cancellation request, saying that he doesn’t want me to leave him a bad review (I never said a word about review). I declined cancellation.

He send another message saying that its almost my fault that he is being late and that he has other clients and is also frustrated. I never said a bad word to him or even told that I am frustrated or unhappy.

So how you should deal with it? I feel disrespected and pretty bad for wasting time and now I’m not even sure that I will get my order and money as fiver do not refund them.
How do you fight it?


If all that you have written above is IN writing, take screenshots and report to Customer Service.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable as it smears good sellers names as well.

You are a pretty nice and tolerant buyer if all that you have stated is concrete.



just created all the screenshots
thanks for advice


When you force and push a seller if they will deliver, if so when, etc. they get the feeling that the buyer is angry and will therefore, not do your order.
I always get clients who push me around and I cancel because 99.999% of the times they will take their frustration out on my ratings.

If you just left him alone and did his own thing WITHOUT pushing him around, I am sure he would of delivered on time. I HATE buyers who try to be frisky and push me around. I cancel their gigs on the spot and tell them peace out.


Did you read carefully what I wrote?
I think I was pretty polite and never pushed. Asking when order is going to be delivered after it was 4 days late is not ‘pushing’.

I am pretty sure that I will put my frustration into my review as I was forced to.
When I placed an order he accepted it and told me he will be late just for 1 day.
If you are going to be late more I think you should discuss it first and not waste another week of your buyers. Or you think its completely okay to waste 10 days which is a week late of proposed time and then cancel? I think its pretty impolite and and business you can actually sue a person for that.


When you say he is 4 days late, is there still a countdown timer showing or is it L-A-T-E?


what a silly question, but i guess you see many people here who just came for the first time

but to answer your question - there’s a huge red line saying delivery date missed by seller


It’s not really a silly question. The guy’s going to get a 1-star review anyway. Post over. No need to be so combative, either.

EDIT: I asked it because a seller can say “I’ll try to deliver this before the deadline”, but then stuff might crop up and they don’t–this makes the order “late”, but technically it’s not according to the system. Big difference = silly question. 'k.


LMFAO, I don’t know where you’re from, but I never heard of a lawsuit for being late for a $5 order (or any online order for that matter). What damage did you experience other than a few days of frustration!!! YOU are obviously a difficult Buyer who unfortunately crossed paths with an inexperienced Seller.

You keep complaining about your time being wasted by the Seller, yet here you sit on the Forum wasting time complaining. Obviously your time is not as valuable as you would like us to believe.


I am not combative its just looks like other sellers come to this forum to support this nonsense.

He is not getting 1 star review, but I will tell exactly what happened to make sure other buyers know what they are doing when working with him.


Hello Mature Actress (lol),
I am from NY, but I guess it doesn’t matter as you don’t bother to read or understand.
Who told you my order is $5? I wouldn’t bother because of that amount, but still the amount doesn’t really mean anything and doesn’t let one person to abuse time of another. In business you can sue other company for that even for 1 cent, its not always about the money but about the principal. Of course if you have them.


You’ll only be able to do it if he delivers something, and you can’t force him to deliver.


Since, you are happy with his work already, I guess he’s cancelling because he’s in fear of bad review… Perhaps, you could assure him that you will not leave a bad review, and ask him to spare little time for this order. I am sure he’ll feel relaxed and complete the order.


So he’s already delivered? If he hasn’t, and this is cancelled, all that happens is an auto 1-star review. You’re leaving out some pretty important details here while… well, let’s get to that now.

And come on, not combative?

what a silly question

sue a person

did you read carefully what I wrote?

it doesn’t matter as you don’t bother to read or understand

Those aren’t exactly friendly statements now, are they?

Anyway, the popcorn’s heated up so have at it.


he delivered half of the order already i see no reason to not deliver the rest


“Should of” -> "Should have"

It doesn’t seem that the buyer was pushing anybody around in this case. It rather was the other way around.


Those statements towards me were’t friendly either, don’t you think?

  • what a silly question
    It seems to me that sellers attitude is combating when he is threatening to cancel order.
    I really think that the question is silly, as when I say its late - its late for real, not that i just think so, its marked late, I am pretty sure everyone knows what thats means and thats what makes this question silly.

  • sue a person
    Suing someone is not combating, it’s protecting. More to that it is a legal procedure that involves a third party, so it has nothing to do with your term.

  • did you read carefully what I wrote?

  • it doesn’t matter as you don’t bother to read or understand

Do you really think she read before posting her rant? She didn’t even bother to read, only thing she cared - is to protect her fellow seller who is being not the greatest person in the world at the moment and trying to put down other people.


Does anyone have the url of a Fiverr competitor we can send this Buyer to?


I don’t think I have to assure someone of something when I pay money to get the service.
We discussed all the steps including him being 1 day late, not a week late before I placed order and this is not my first order with this person and order is not $5 but much more.

I have all the right to write him a bad review about my wait time. I really think that if you get a good service you can close your eyes on some issues, but in some cases attitude is taking too much.

If you being late and extra late than you proposed I really think you are the one who has to be extremely polite and assure client that he will be treated best as possible to leave a bad review, not other way around.


Sellers at those charge more. Guess thats why you’re here.