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Wasted several hours of my life just to get an order cancelled


This is my first time posting here,

I had a buyer who ordered an object illustration. I had given him 5 limited revisions and I completed the work in a couple days. Once the order was delivered (including source files), the buyer requested for revisions, I may add around 30 revisions on a single illustration which drove me crazy. On every small detail, he wanted a revision. I did it anyway, he was satisfied with the end result and left a 5 Star review. The order was automatically marked complete, he did request anything more. After 12 days he comes and requests for the source files of the illustration, I had asked him earlier whether he wanted them and he never replied.

The source files were obviously deleted because I have orders everyday and I cannot keep every source file. I kept it for 3 days then deleted it. He contacted CS and cancelled the order successfully.

I contacted CS and they couldn’t help me in it. I just wasted so many hours of my life on something so useless and it sort of made me pissed that I had done so many revisions on it for free and he was able to cancel the order entirely.

Well, after this little mistake I understood a lot and now I deliver source files whether the buyer wants it or not.


Don’t do this. Make buyers charge extra for source files. If you don’t you will just end up giving away more work for free.

I recently had an order cancelled by CS to and it was made obvious to me that the buyer does this regularly by him saying: “Don’t waste your time or mine” when I refused to cancel.

What you can do to try and prevent situations like this from recurring, is break orders up into smaller chunks. I don’t know how this would work with what you offer. However, I doubt that CS would cancel several delivered orders on request. - Then again, you never know.


I second this. Instead, state in your description or FAQ section that you will delete source file after 3 days, so the price for asking source after 3 days will be the same as the original order and that you won’t cancel order if this occur again. CS will be more likely to be on your side if you have stated it before even though it won’t guarantee that the buyer won’t force to cancel by opening a paypal dispute. But then again it’s up to you if you want to give the source file for free, maybe you can raise your price if you decide to do this. Good luck.


The same thing happened to me but in this case, I decided to cancel the order as the buyer kept requesting for revisions for over 2 months. There was nothing I could do but cancel the order.


I never delete source file because it’s a chance for return buyer purchasing it in the future. You’ll need to up your game to keep all source file for this purpose. I using Google Drive for that. I kept all my source file since day 1 I joined fiverr, it also a chance return buyer ask little modification to the old artworks and you could just edit the source file but charge a new price, so you won’t need start from scratch again.

If your order stated would deliver with source file, you gonna do it no matter client have asked for it or not. Some of them doesn’t know how to open the source file because they don’t have the right app to open it, you also need to tell them in FAQ.